‘The Biggest Crime Scene in the World’

A phrase we are all too familiar with: A Malaysian Airlines flight has crashed. At first, one might assume that the headline was rekindling the story of the missing  MH370 flight from March. Instead another Malaysian Airlines flight, MH17, has not gone missing, but was actually shot down over Ukraine.

MH 17 crash

The aggressors have not yet been verified, but foul play is certain. In fact, the crash site has been named “the biggest crime scene in the world.”  At this point, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko places blame on Pro-Russia, Ukrainian militants who were aided by Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin denies all accusations and levies blame solely on Ukraine. As the investigation continues, despite the finger-pointing, one fact is certain – the circumstance is heart breaking and tragic. All 298 passengers and crew on the flight have perished.

Find an official report on the MH17 crime scene from CNN, here.



2 thoughts on “‘The Biggest Crime Scene in the World’

  1. Reports now show an SA-11 being moved into the area. It is a radar guided missile which operates with both a radar and command and control system. This took a team to operate and shoot…a trained team. If they were not Russians, they were Russian trained and supported.


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