New York is the Poster Child of Progressive Failure

While Detroit is the poster child of liberal failure at the city-level, New York is the perfect example of failure at the state-level. While the Empire State has not gone bankrupt, the statistics of the state indicate that progressive fiscal policies do not help the poor or the middle-class. People are leaving the state in droves. The mass exodus from the Empire State are due to the state’s poor business climate.

First, let’s review how liberal New York really is:

1. New York had the highest state and local tax burden (per capita) every single year since 1977.

2. New York has been dead last on the Tax Foundation’s “State Business Tax Climate Index” every year since 2011.

3. New York has been dead last on ALEC’s annual “Rich States, Poor States” Index every year since 2009, except 2013.

4. New York has been dead last on Mercatus Center’s “Freedom in the 50 States” Fiscal Freedom Index since 2001.

5. New York has been ranked #49 on Chief Executive Magazine’s “Best States for Business” Index since at least 2010. Here are the links for 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.

6. New York had the highest labor union membership rate since 1993, except 1998 and 2006.

Now, let’s review the results:

1. New York was dead last in net migration for two consecutive decades (1990s & 2000s).

2. New York was dead last in net migration from 2010-2013, losing another 300,000 people.

3. New York had the highest levels of income inequality, as measured by the gini coefficient, since 2006 (excluding the District of Columbia). 

4. New York had the fourth highest CEO pay to minimum wage ratio in the nation.

The numbers don’t lie. Try showing this article to your liberal friends. If they’re open-minded, these statistics could significantly change their political views.

I have nothing against New York. After all, my family is based from the Empire State. The Big Apple is one of the greatest cities in the world. I am just suggesting that Albany needs to change. People should vote in favor of pro-free market lawmakers that support cutting taxes and streamlining regulations. Implementing such fiscal policies could help stop so many people from leaving the state.

Instead of complaining about income inequality, lawmakers should focus on social mobility. Instead of attacking CEOs, elected officials should propose fiscal policies that help provide economic opportunities for people to improve their socioeconomic background. A more favorable business climate will make it easier to start a business and find a job. Albany needs a change of fiscal policy and it won’t happen until the voters change their attitude.


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