The Need for A Moral Compass in the Israeli Crisis

It seems that many in the left wing media, as well as many at the UN, have not only avoided the lessons of history, but have shown a lack of a moral compass in the recent Islamist onslaught on Israel. As it says in the book of Isaiah, “Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good.” We are indeed living in such a time. As Muslims worldwide vent their anti-Western and anti-Jewish anger, rioting in the once great centers of Paris, London and Constantinople(Istanbul), the left wing media and UN statesmen blame Israel and call for them to stop defending their citizens.

This Islamist led bloodbath began with the kidnapping and brutal of three teenagers in Israel by Islamists, as well as continued rocket attacks on Israeli population centers. Israel then responded with an air campaign against the Hamas terror group. Hamas, a group who’s charter calls for the destruction of Israel and who were saddened when Osama bin Laden was killed, rejected repeated calls for a ceasefire and eventually left Israel with no other choice but to send their own soldiers into harm’s way to dismantle Hamas tunnels and end their capability to launch rockets. In this war Israel cannot afford to allow Hamas to reload as they have done many times before.


What has the reaction of the worldwide Muslim community been? Instead of protesting the evil intentional targeting of civilians by Hamas, including their own, the worldwide Islamic community from Paris to Toronto have taken to the streets Blaming Israel and in some cases calling for Israel to be driven into the sea and attacking Jewish institutions. The so called moderate Turkish prime minister called Israel worse then Hitler in its genocide, a charge that would make anyone with basic historical knowledge cringe.

Yet again it seems the moderate Muslims are either silent and irrelevant or non existent. Their outrage is selective, for while ethnic cleansing of Christians is going on in Iraq,  and Syrians commit atrocities against one another, the outrage from the Islamic world is focused on the one small Jewish state defending itself from a terrorist group who openly encourage the use of human shields and who launch rockets in close proximity to schools and hospitals. The Islamist hatred of non-Muslims is on full display worldwide as is the clear antisemitism coming from Muslim immigrants throughout the Western world.

Despite the unmasking of many organizations and people who claim to be moderate Muslims in the West, and the barbarism of the terrorist group Hamas on full display, the wrath of the UN and left wing media is focused on Israel. They have pressured Israel and condemned their self defense while mentioning Hamas in the same breath. Have they lost their sense of right and wrong?

American and Israeli flags are burned.
American and Israeli flags are burned.

For as President Bush said in the aftermath of 9/11 referring to the war on terrorism “you are either with us or against us.” Hamas, like Al Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood, is a savage terrorist organization and no amount of lying and smooth talking the press can change that. There is no moral equivalency between those who love death and seek Islamic supremacist goals, like Hamas, and those who love life like Israel.

They are fighting on the front lines against an Islamist enemy which is an heir to Stalinism. There are no two sides. There is good and evil. Hamas has declared “we love death as you love life”. Terrorism, and those who support it, must be defeated. The UN and the mainstream media must know loud and clear that we stand with Israel and against Islamo-fascism.



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