Border Crisis Presents Major Issues for America- Part 2

As stated in the first half of this article, the current situation at the United States’ southern border presents several major issues that will plague America for at least the next decade. Those are economic, cultural and social, political, and national security.

Each of the successive problems that will come from this crisis, unless resolved, are no easier to solve than the other; and each threatens to further weaken an already weakened America. The economic and social issues were covered in the first half of this article, here we shall discuss the political and national security implications of the border crisis.

3. Political

As if we needed another issue to divide ourselves upon. And as if we needed something to further divide ourselves upon something that we were already divided upon in the first place! It seems that Americans cannot find enough things to disagree on these days.

There are three camps that all have their own “solutions” for “fixing” the border situation; these are the conservatives, liberals, and libertarians. The former two hold more weight than the latter, though the latter does its best to discredit both of the former’s proposals.

First, let’s start with the conservatives. Conservatives, generally speaking, just want a fence built and for people to stop flooding over our border, exacerbating these major issues. Sounds reasonable enough, doesn’t it? Think again.

While wanting to enforce the law is a noble, achievable, and necessary goal, justice is only one end of the spectrum when dealing with people. Conservatives seem to be forgetting that there also has to be mercy to counterbalance that rod of justice. The government is supposed to take care of justice. while we the people are supposed to show mercy.

This doesn’t sit well with many conservatives, who fail to look past the fact that these people have crossed the border illegally. Instead of seeing them as people, these migrants become nothing short of pure evil, with no soul and no needs. Yes, they broke the law when they crosses our border, but we still need to help them while they are here. This has been put into practice by Glenn Beck, and his trip down to the border with MercuryOne, Senator Ted Cruz, and Louie Gohmert. 

This was not an act of evil, conservatives. It was taking care of our fellow man, and doing so through voluntary and effective means. Yes, these people must  be returned to their respective countries. But in the mean time, we cannot lose our sense of humanity out of spite for illegal immigrants.

Second, the liberals are bleeding out with “compassion” for these people, yet the counterbalance of justice is not there. Cries for amnesty are the rallying call of liberals right now. Granting amnesty is supposed to be “compassionate,” but when asked to sign a petition to do just what they are calling for, we see a very different response…

Media Research Center did a little social experiment in Oldtown, Alexandria, Virginia, a very upscale and liberal area in in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Watch as passers by are asked about bringing those children from the border into their town, and even into their homes.

So much for bleeding heart liberalism…

The point is that the left side of the debate throws out cries for amnesty, but then when the option is offered to them, they turn down the proposal. Yet we still see the calls for amnesty, and for them to be “taken care of.” But there is no call for enforcing existing immigration law, or for protecting American jobs and culture.

Then there’s the libertarians, who promote an open border, with no immigration or customs. Libertarians believe in free movement of people and labor, without government interference, as it impedes the free market system. However, libertarians fail to recognize that people are not value neutral, and are not simple commodities.

Libertarians often blame the drug war, and the governments set up by the U.S. during the Cold War to prevent Communism from rising in the Americas. With all due credit, they are right about that. The drug war keeps the cartels in business, and the dictators put into place have bred the corruption that rules Central and South America. Simply opening our border will not make those areas any less harmful to our interests here at home.

It sounds good in theory to have an open border, but with the amount of evil in today’s world, the United States must be very careful with those who are allowed into our country. And besides, Americans at large are not going to accept a fully open border (though it’s pretty close to that right now).

So, what does this all mean? Everyone is pointing fingers at each other, and not looking for a real solution. The fact of the matter is that this border crisis has become a political football, being used by both the left and the right. The former, using it as an argument for amnesty, the latter using it to argue for a border fence.

In the midst of this political football game, people are forgotten, and are turned into pawns in a massive game. And if you’ve ever played chess, you know that pawns mean absolutely nothing.

border patrol in texas
Border patrol agents on the Texas-Mexico border.

4. National Security

Here’s where there should be no division. There is a national security crisis brewing right this minute. Every second that border patrol agents are diverted to caring for children takes away from their energies to prevent murders, rapists, kidnappers, and terrorists from flooding into the United States and disappearing forever.

Does that not sound like an issue to you? Well, don’t just listen to me. Listen to the Border Patrol. An unidentified agent spoke with Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee about the crisis.

Breitbart- “It’s not to fear what you see – it’s fearing what you don’t see,” the agent said. “What you are not seeing is the criminals. You’re not seeing the rapists, the murderers that come from other countries. You are not seeing the terrorists that come from these other countries. These are the people we are not able to catch because we are busy handling something else. We are not able to do our job.”

Criminals, rapists, murderers, terrorists. Border patrol agents don’t see them because their efforts have been ordered elsewhere. If securing our border from such people is a secondary goal of the federal government, there are serious questions that need to be raised about their competence, focus, and motivations. For what other reason does Border Patrol exist than to prevent such people with evil intentions from entering our country?

Hypothetical: a group of Islamic radical enter the country and settle on their own plots of land. All the while, the operate with near impunity in training recruits to their Jihadist agenda.

Sound scary? It’s actually not a hypothetical. It’s a fact. TheBlaze’s For the Record investigated sleeper cells in early 2014.

TheBlaze- A well-established American Islamic group with direct ties to a radical Islamic leader in Pakistan has been investigated by FBI counterterrorism officials who said the group “extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. government,” according to recently declassified FBI documents obtained by a nonprofit organization investigating the group.

If these people can so easily enter our country through customs, does it make you feel any better that they can do so even more easily through Mexico?

These four major issues present just four out of an unknown number of issues that will inevitably come from the current border crisis. We simply cannot allow this invasion of people to continue, because America as we know it will be over and gone with.

But perhaps that is the idea, to overload the system to the point that a socialist system will be forced upon the people, also known as the Cloward-Piven doctrine. What’s happening at the border certainly seems the fit the notion that the immigration crises is being used to pave the way for total socialism in the United States.

Illegal immigrants are held at an overcrowded facility.
Illegal immigrants are held at an overcrowded facility.

Where do we go from here? If you’re looking to me for the answers, you’re looking at the wrong person. I have neither the know-how, nor the ability to formulate a policy proposal to fix our border once and for all. But I can tell you the general theory. These people crowding and invading our southern border must be sent home. The United States cannot afford to take on anymore problems in its current state.

It will do these people no good if America becomes no better off than the places they came from. Unfortunately, that seems to be taking place already. But if we hope to help these people in the future, we must keep the United States strong. It’s the idea of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before helping anyone else.

Selfishness is not a factor; in fact, that’s the last thing that is in the average person’s head in that kind of situation. Make sure that you are strong enough to preserve yourself before you help anyone else. That same principle must be applied in the border crisis. It’s not racist, it’s not hatred, it’s not selfishness. It’s survival.

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