Selective Outrage

War is a terrible thing, and should not be entered into lightly. Anyone who believes that war brings glory to a people has never truly experienced war.

However, in certain cases, war is a must for the survival of a people. That is the case of Israel in it’s never-ending war with Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement. Hamas is a radical and murderous organization with nothing less than the complete elimination of the Jewish people in mind and in charter.

Hamas does not want peace with Israel. They seek Jihad with near infinite fervor, as they follow what their charter and the Quran teaches (read the charter, provided in the link above, to see many of their “justifications”).

So why do people around the world still continue to condemn Israel for using very restrained and precise methods of rooting out Hamas terrorists? It seems that there is a different standard when it comes to Israel in the judgment of the world; no doubt rooted in the rising tide of antisemitism in the 21st century.

The fact of that matter is that Israel has been more restrained in this conflict with Hamas than any other nation could have. Imagine this: a radical group gets voted into Mexico that seeks to destroy the United States for its so called “evils.” So when they assume office, they take up arms and fire across the border into California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

A slow, but steady barrage of missiles from this group kill civilians on both sides indiscriminately, and when the United States takes small portions of its military to target known launch sites, the world blames that latter rather than the former. This is the plight of Israel.

Rather than recognizing the root of the problem in Gaza, the world chooses to label Israel as genocidal Nazis that seek the death of all Muslims. Well if Israel is acting genocidal on the Gazans, they really suck at it (seriously).

Calling Gaza residents’ houses before airstrikes, dropping leaflets over known terror sites warning civilians, etc. That’s a pretty awful way to commit genocide.

While the world fabricates a narrative of genocide and state terrorism in Gaza, the actual genocide currently engulfing what’s left of Iraq has been completely ignored by the international community. Forget about turning a blind eye; the world has plucked out its eyes for not wanting to see the mass genocide in Iraq, because it defies the politically correct narrative about the “religion of peace.”

ISIS, or simply the Islamic State, has been going on a mass rampage in the remnants of Iraq and Syria in a psychotic, bloodthirsty rage seeking nothing more than death to all who do not confess the name of Allah and wage Jihad in his name. This group is so radical, that they are even killing fellow Muslims!

Where is the global outrage at the Islamic State for such indiscriminate mass slaughter? It is not to be found. Even many American conservatives are simply not addressing this issue. For wanting to help people abroad with the might of the American military, conservatives at large seem to be awfully quiet on this issue (though there are certainly the exceptions).

I’ll speak right to the reader here. If you scream bloody murder and genocide about Israel’s operations in Gaza, but are silent about the actual genocide in the remnants of Iraq, you have absolutely zero credibility because you hold each situation to a different standard.

If you want to condemn Israel’s operation in Gaza, and the civilian casualties that have piled up, please go ahead. But if you forget to also condemn the mass slaughter by psychopathic, bloodthirsty monsters just a few hundred miles east, you’re not helping yourself or anyone else for that matter.

When using the terms “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing,” don’t use such language indiscriminately; because it dilutes the power of those terms, and the actions associated with them. Only sound the alarm for something that really warrants the genocide alarm.

Bottom line: war is terrible. People die in war, civilian, terrorist, and soldier alike. But condemnation of self defense strikes is not to be equivocated with indiscriminate slaughter of only civilians because they refuse to become “Islamic enough.” The actions of the Islamic State are not those of a nation’s self defense, or even an offensive war; they are those of animals with not a shred of humanity in them.

Know the difference.

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