Hollywood Divided Over Israel

The situation in Israel is what everyone is talking about. Including Hollywood, and it might surprise you that Hollywood is far from united on Israel.

Those denouncing Israel include Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodovar, Lola Herrara, Eduardo Noriega, Rosa Maria Sarda, Montxo Armendariz, Benito Zambrano, Amaral & Nacho Campillo as well as dozens more Spanish actors, directors, musicians and writers. In an open letter, they describe Israel’s actions as genocide and call upon the EU to condemn Israel’s bombing of Palestinian civilians that is occurring in the Gaza Strip.

The letter also demanded a cease-fire from the Israeli military, and a removal of the blockade that has been in place over the Gaza Strip for more than a decade. The letter places the blame for the recent eruption of violence in the Middle East on Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Javier Bardem is not only an actor, but also a political activist, who frequently voices his opinions on controversial, political issues. Bardem is married to actress Penelope Cruz and the two are good friends with actor Pedro Almodovar…to read more go to politichicks.tv


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