Book Review: Assault & Flattery

A common criticism hurled at the right, is the so called “War on Women”. In her new book, Assualt and Flattery, Fox News Contributor & columnist for Townhall Magazine, Katie Pavlich not only debunks the myth that right is waging a war on women, but shows how the left has been waging this war on women for years, especially conservative women. It is not my intention to outline the entire book, I simply want to highlight some of the best parts and wet your appetite for the book.

assault and flattery

Warning: Pavlich’s book is not for the faint of heart.

While the left’s war is against all women, it especially targets conservative women, & Pavlich cites several examples in her introduction. Here are a couple of my favorites.  In January 2009, Playboy Magazine’s Guy Cimbalo, wrote an article entitled “So Wrong, It’s Right.” In this article, Cimbalo compiled a list of the top ten republican women he would like to “hate f*ck”, or rape, simply because, “they’re hot” says Cimbalo. Pavlich includes the entire list, along with Cimbalo’s descriptions in her intro. Cimbalo’s list includes: Michelle Malkin, Megyn Kelly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Michelle Bachmann and others.

I think my favorite example of how the left treats conservative women included by Pavlich, occurred in 2012. On the cover of the May issue of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine was an image depicting  S.E Cupp preforming oral sex, & the words “What would  S.E. Cupp look like with a d**k in her mouth?”  Hustler covered all their bases by including a disclaimer in the caption, admitting that the photo was not real.

I remember when this occurred and hearing Cupp discuss it. She handled it gracefully and professionally and it has had minimal negative impact on her career. These are just a couple of the examples Pavlich includes and this is just the introduction. On page 15, Pavlich lays out her premise,  “To the left, we are just reckless, helpless, sex-crazed messes who need Big Daddy to come in, rescue us, and keep us safe from ourselves. And I can prove it. So let’s get started”.

In Chapter 1 Pavlich lays out  several the issues where the left and the mainstream media, manufacture fabricated controversies, and then paint the right as being one the “anti-women side” of these controversies including: women’s health, Wendy Davis, Obamacare & Equal Pay. On the issue of equal pay, the gender income gap is a myth, and is acknowledge as such even by the left, you can read my article on the gender income gap here.

In chapter 2, Pavlich discusses how the Republican Party has historically been in favor of women’s rights, while the Democratic Party has repeatedly lied about Republicans, and was not in favor of women’s rights until it was in their favor to do so politically. President Woodrow Wilson flip-flopped on the Women’s Right’s issue, not because he believed in women’s rights, but “…to indebt them to a party whose leaders have never had their interests at heart,” says Pavlich on page 59.

In Part II of her book, Pavlich gives numerous examples proving how various administrations, including Kennedy; Clinton & Obama waged a war on women. Kennedy, & Clinton, were sexual predators, whereas Obama preyed on women in a political sense. Pavlich lays out seven indictments against Obama and calls him, “The Most Anti-Woman President Ever.”

In addition to presidential administration Pavlich identifies other political figures who have sold out women as well, either sexually or politically, if not both. Among them is a woman who claims to champion women’s rights herself, and a potential 2016 presidential candidate: Hilary Clinton. In chapter 7, Pavlich lays out the case for how Clinton, essentially stabbed her own sex in the back, because it was to her political advantage to do so.  Do we really want such a woman running our country?

One of the major issues that win women over to the Democratic Party is abortion, because Republicans are traditionally pro-life.  But Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party aren’t telling women the whole truth about abortion. “Today, feminists are pro-abortion in the name of women’s choice…” says Pavlich on page 174.

But women can’t make a choice unless they know the whole story, and many of them, only know half the story, the half the left wants them to know. Pavlich includes the stories of two women, who experienced regret and depression after abortion. There are many more stories, like these and many women have had to undergo counseling to recover from abortion.

Pavlich concludes her book, by highlighting the one group that is truly pro-women, despite their constant demonization by the left: the NRA. The NRA seeks to empower women by educating placing guns in the hands of these women and enabling them to protect themselves from sexual predators and anyone else who seeks to cause them harm. The NRA also seeks to ensure the safety of men and women by education on how to safely and properly handle firearms.  Place a firearm in the hands of a woman, who is skilled in its use, and she depends only on herself for her personal safety.

There is a war on women, but it’s being waged by the Democratic Party, and Katie Pavlich exposes it. “This book will arm conservatives in the fight against this false and vitriolic broken-record alarmism over women’s rights that obscures the real failures of the Democratic Party for all Americans.

Finally, and most importantly, “It will urge the GOP to go on the offensive, armed with data, real reporting, and the truth,” says Pavlich on page 30. This book is not just for women! I highly encourage everyone to read, Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women.



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