Amnesty Now: Lawmaker Claims Obama Will Legalize 5 Million


“Get ready,” says Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (IL-D) in an MSNBC interview. “It’s music to my ears that someone would have a source at the White House that say it’s five million.”

Gutiérrez is referring to reports that President Obama is set to issue unilateral executive action on the legal status of millions of illegal aliens by summer’s end. Whatever action the President takes will not involve legislation or Congressional approval.

This, despite the fact that most Americans do not want amnesty for those who have entered the United States without pursuing the lawful process. Even a CNN poll shows that most Americans would prefer the government focus on securing the border before pursuing immigration reform.

Another survey indicates that an overwhelming 90 percent of voters think that “U.S.- born workers and legal immigrants already here should get first preference for jobs.” Even 73 percent of Hispanics think that Americans should compete for jobs that illegals are doing. That study also found that “75% want more enforcement of current immigration laws, including 63% of Hispanics.”

Other polling indicates that most Hispanics think a stop should be put to illegal immigration before any sort of amnesty is pursued. Most Hispanic voters also wanted tougher border security and measures to ensure that employers are hiring legal persons.

Breitbart has more:

Gutiérrez appeared on MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart after MSNBC senior White House correspondent Chris Jansing said that senior White House officials expect Obama to grant executive amnesty to around 5 million illegal immigrants after his European trip to Estonia and Wales next week.

Reports have indicated that the executive action President Obama is planning to make by the end of summer could legalize some 5 million undocumented immigrants.

According to Gutiérrez, such a move would be “huge” and will require a lot of work.

“If it is 5 million, Jose, then that would be five times as many as when the president freed the dreamers from deportation, when he instituted [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] in June of 2012. When he said we’re not going to deport anymore immigrants that arrived here as children and you saw how was it, Jose, that our community was ill prepared,” the Illinois Democrat said.

“The structures were not in place to help those people,” he continued. “So I’ve been going around meeting with major news organizations, newspaper editorial boards, columnists and others here in Chicago for the last three weeks telling them we have get prepared as a city. And prepare a model for the nation because when 5 million people are allowed the opportunity to come out from under the shadows and into the light of day and get legalized, it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of capacity of our community but I’m really looking forward to that challenge.”

Gutiérrez, along with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, gave Obama a wish list of executive actions and urged Obama to legalize all of the illegal immigrants that would have qualified under the Senate’s amnesty bill.


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