2014 Democratic Candidates: A Comedy of Errors

As the summer draws to a close, more attention will be turned to the November midterm elections. Even a casual observer will note that nearly all of the unfavorable press, scandals, and insensitive comments seems to be coming from the Democratic field of candidates, many of whom are having a pretty rough year.

The headliner of this phenomenon is appointed Sen. John Walsh from Montana who dropped out of his race for a full term following a plagiarism scandal. According to Politico, “Walsh, 53, is facing an investigation from the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he had obtained his master’s degree in 2007, after The New York Times reported last month that significant passages of his 14-page thesis had been lifted from other sources without proper attribution.” Walsh’s withdrawal from the race and Montana Democrats selecting a little known yet very liberal state rep as his replacement all but guarantees that Rep. Steve Daines will flip this seat from D to R.

Senator Walsh is not alone. Across the state there are Democrats whose campaigns are imploding such as Ed FitzGerald, Democratic Nominee for Governor in Ohio, who recently admitted to not having a drivers license for the past 10 years. “First was the poor fundraising, then a report that he was found by police in a car at 4:30 a.m. with a woman who was not his wife — and that he didn’t have a driver’s license for a decade — and finally nearly all of his top campaign staff deserting him. FitzGerald’s collapse is all the more remarkable…”

Just as remarkable are the various slip-ups and bizarre comments that even the most seasoned Democratic candidates are making this election cycle. In Arkansas, Democratic Incumbent Mark Pryor is making a strange attack on his opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton, by “stating that Cotton for voting against “preparing America for pandemics like Ebola,” despite Cotton having voted for the final version of the bill in question.”

In Virginia, the competitive race for Rep. Frank Wolf’s vacant seat is currently highlighted by Democrat John Foust’s sexist comments that Republican candidate, State Delegate Barbara Comstock, hasn’t “even had a real job”. This prompted outcries from Republicans everywhere who pointed out that Comstock has been a congressional aide, Justice department spokesperson, and dutiful mother of three.

These slip-ups by democrats across the country are indicative of a much bigger trend: No one wants to run as a Democrat in 2014, leaving the Democratic Party with no choice but to recruit several candidates who are downright unfit for public office. With any luck Republicans will be able to capitalize on this perfect storm and take back the Senate in November.



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