The Threat of ISIS is the Threat of Islamists

While Kerry,Obama and the Islamic apologists seek excuses and diversions, the truth is that saying Islam is a peaceful religion a million times will not make it so. From day one, this administration and its fellow establishment allies in Washington have sought to isolate the many Islamic threats in the world, and make it seem ISIS is different from Al Qaeda, which is different from Hizballah, and Hamas, which is different from Boko Haram.

In fact while tactically there are variations these terrorists groups share a commitment to terror in the name of Islam and to establish Islamic law through force. ISIS did not invent beheading; Al Qaeda had beheaded Daniel Pearl and Islamist groups have a history of beheadings throughout the Middle East and Muslim world.

Viewing ISIS in isolation is a recipe for disaster, for while Obama,Kerry and the politically correct elite would have us believe we are not at war with an ideological enemy but rather a narrow group of radicals, the reality is quite different. As political scientist Samuel Huntington warned before the terrorist attacks of 9/11, there will be a clash of civilizations and that the borders of Islam are bloody borders.

All we must do is take the words of the barbarous murderers themselves and see how the claim that they have nothing to do with Islam does not carry weight. After all there is a reason they are called the Islamic State. There is a reason recent Muslim converts from America and other Western countries felt there was something in Islam driving them to jihad, and there is a reason that even many so called moderate Muslim leaders will not denounce murderous groups like Hamas unequivocally.

The winning strategy to keep America safe would include investigating unAmerican imams and Muslim leaders who encourage jihad, and, if necessary, charging those who plot against this nation with treason. To this day so called Islamic civil rights groups like CAIR seem more concerned with government investigations of Islamists then the savage acts of terror themselves, and a trip to their website can show there advice to Muslims relating to the authorities as if the problems facing Islam today are too many people speaking out against jihad.

Meanwhile the propaganda leader of ISIS has been revealed to have attended the same Mosque in Massachusetts as the Boston Marathon Jihadists, and whose founder has a history of Islamist extremist ties. ISIS propagandist also happens to be the son of a board member of that mosque. These mosques cannot plead innocence when producing terrorists left and right.

Finally, amnesty for illegals is not only economically and socially unwise but poses massive national security risks. The best defense of the homeland is secure borders. It is not a right but a privilege to emigrate to America and anyone in America illegally should be deported. Immigration from regions known for Islamic terrorism including Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the PA should be ended. Being that there is no constitutional right to immigration there is no excuse for putting Americans at risk in the name of multiculturalism.

Amnesty should be a goal worth preventing and should be an important issue for social,fiscal and national security conservatives alike. No one is claiming that all Muslims are terrorists but in order to win a battle the nature and ideology of the enemy must be known and to claim that those waging jihad around the world have nothing to do with Islam is false and America has an obligation to keep its citizens safe and secure to enjoy the blessings of America and its kindness which it has shared throughout the world. ISIS must be defeated, but so must the Islamist threat overall.