Oops, they did it again: The Mainstream Media and their Tendency to “Forget” the Right

As I was scrolling through Fox News online, attempting to catch up on the latest happenings, I came across a startling article which said that retiring Tea Party matriarch, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann [R-MN] was featured in a video produced by ISIS. Because of this, she is now under tight security, similar to that of Congressional leadership, in order to protect her safety. Not only is the situation that the Congresswoman is in completely and utterly terrifying, but… why is this not being covered more widely? Why is it that the only two major outlets that have covered this are Fox News and Politico?

Conservatives alike have concluded that the liberal-dominated mainstream media has an agenda. Many say that because of the overwhelming amount of liberals in the field of journalism, coincidentally working for the said ubiquitous leftist media outlets, conservatives, policy and policymakers, and our platform in general are misconstrued, unnecessarily criticized, and taken out of context; the laundry list can go on and on. What’s even worse is when the ubiquitously liberal media conglomerate (aka the mainstream media) just blatantly “forget” or disregard major events, stories, and issues, such as the Bachmann-ISIS scare.

It’s hard to determine whether the deliberate overlooking of this issue is more sad or frightening. Because of the reputation Bachmann has with shamelessly calling liberals out on their failed socialization of healthcare, absurd tax policies, and desire to crawl into the beds (and phone lines) of the American people, it’s not a surprise that the media decided not to report about her safety and welfare being in jeopardy. And for this same reason, this is quite worrisome. Is partisanship polarization becoming such a problem, that the welfare of someone with an opposing political or ideological view has a less significant life value?

The mainstream media: what’s left of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, WaPo, LA Times, in my eyes, are neglecting to do their jobs. They are supposed to analyze and report vital information and then broadcast it to we the people: the audience. However, these predominately liberal-leaning outlets are too worried about making quotas and profit to do what integral journalism is all about. They would rather continue to ride the Ebola, or as one student in my Politics and Media class put it, Fearbola, bandwagon until the wheels fall off. The coverage of Ebola has provoked a great amount of fear, however, there is more to current events than Ebola. Unfortunately for those of us who want to stay informed on all current issues, the Ebola sensation is only just getting started, so we will have to sit tight for now.

Sensationalism is a controlling factor in the media. Outlets, and those operating them, believe that the people solely care for the spectacle aspect of current events, and news in general. You know the saying “sex sells?” Well, in the realm of 21st century journalism, the three S’s sell: sex, scandal, and spectacle. Go to any of the outlets previously listed, I’m sure the top stories are about at least one of the three S’s of modern-day journalism.

This instance of failure to report crucial information to the public is one of many examples of not only how the media are not only an increasingly failure of an institution, but goes to show that the media indeed purposefully forget us on the Right. What if liberal talking-heads Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz were in Bachmann’s shoes? (Doubt they could be this fabulous anyway).

There would have been an astronomical media frenzy, if anything even close to this threat, would have happened to them! Yet, we are supposed to just sit back and go on with life, meanwhile one of our fellow Americans, defender of our Constitution, and a true patriot is put at risk by an extremist group that has already taken American lives? No, I don’t think so.

Whether you are a media skeptic or optimist, they undeniably have developed a habit of not including information that the American public should know. Back in 2012, while Fox was covering Benghazi day in and day out, meanwhile the chatter from the other side of the isle was all about One Direction, Taylor Swift, and the latest Twilight film.

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