Commonsense Anti-ISIS Policy

Since the left loves the term “commonsense” when describing policies that they like, such as “gun control” (restricting the rights of law abiding citizens), lets use this term against them. A real commonsense measure to minimize the threat from ISIS and its sympathizers to America would be to, as Sen.Ted Cruz, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and others have proposed, revoke the passports of US citizens traveling overseas to fight with ISIS. This would minimize the threat in the US of A from those who have traveled for jihad overseas.

Sadly terrorists have already struck in Canada,Belgium and Oklahoma; Islamist Americans have been also been arrested trying to travel overseas to wage jihad. While Obama and some on the left refuse to even name these acts as Islamist jihad, it remains a very real threat to the West. While sadly there is very little to completely end the terror threat, allowing people back into the USA who have trained with Islamist groups like ISIS overseas makes no sense as these terrorists have betrayed America and are a clear danger to the country.

As seen in the Belgium attack, the gunman was trained overseas in the Middle East by Islamist group ISIS and then used that training in the country where he lived. The Boston Bomber is believed to have traveled in regions prone to radicalism and possibly even had contact there with terrorist leaders. This should not be allowed to be brought back to America. Even the most recent attack in Canada it was believed the terrorist wished to travel overseas to fight with terrorists. Had he done so, perhaps his attack could have been even more deadly.

While at this time it would be wise to curtail immigration from Muslim countries, end foreign Muslim exchange students program, and ramp up pressure on mosques to combat radicalization, an immediate step would be to discourage travel to assist ISIS and keep America safe by revoking passports of those traveling overseas for jihad. While some would argue they would need a trial for that to happen any American who travels to fight jihad is betraying America and while may or may not fit the legal definition of treason are engaging in a treasonous act for all intents and purposes.

Some on the left are most concerned with what is politically correct to not offend the main responsibility of the government is to keep Americans safe, and if revoking these passports will help to minimize the threat to American life and liberty, then that is the course which should be taken. Doing so would be simply exercising common sense.