The Zehnder Weekly: The Double Standard of Political Correctness

Recently, a Vietnam war veteran and a business owner in Denton, Texas, received a citation from the city ordering him to remove dozens of American flags, from his private property on which his business resides, as reported by TheBlaze.

According to the local news, KXAS reported that Denton, Texas, city code states: that a property within city limits may fly only one American flag, one Texas flag and one ‘miscellaneous’ flag.” Business owner, Andre “Frenchy” Rehault has dozens of American flags on his private property. Lanice Bentley, the community improvement services manager for Denton (whatever that is) says that everyone in town follows this same ordinance and that it applies to everyone (TheBlaze).

Now I’m not going to make the argument that the city code is unconstitutional, because it’s not saying he can’t fly an American flag at all, just that he can only fly one. However, one could probably argue the constitutionality of the code, but that’s not what I’m going to do.

Here’s my problem with this situation. Rehault has been flying those flags for over twenty years. Apparently it’s never been a problem before. Why all of a sudden is it a problem? We are given no indication that the city code has been recently instated, so we must assume that it has been in place for some time. The city didn’t care enough before to issue the citation. Why all of a sudden is it so important to them?

The city made the discovery about the flags, when they received a complaint about the company and conducted an investigation. Here’s the problem: how does a company fly dozens of American flags for more than twenty years, and it is just being noticed now? I highly doubt that. It’s as if the city wants us to believe that they had no idea he was flying so many flags until they conducted the investigation. Is that possible? I suppose it is. But I find that highly unlikely.

It would be easy to blame this on the person who issued the complaint to the city. But I don’t think we can fairly do that. We are given no information about what the complaint concerned. Yes, it could have been someone complaining about the flags, but we don’t have that information, so it’s not fair to make that assumption.

To be fair, we must disclose that when the city conducted their investigation they found several code violations, besides the flags. “Rehault told KXAS he’s rectified most of the code issues but won’t remove his flags,” reports TheBlaze.

Rehault has received much support from the community. If you would like to support Rehault, you can go to to sign the petition. The citation was issued on Thursday and received 36,000 signatures by Friday afternoon.

However not everyone, supports Rehault. Local news KTV reported that a former Army officer indicated online that he was annoyed by Rehault’s “overuse” of the American flag to promote his business.  Well you know what, you don’t have a right to not be annoyed. One would hope that a former army officer would understand that, I guess not always.  Second, what evidence do you have that he is using the American flags to promote his business? It seems that he is just displaying his patriotism.

Now let’s imagine a similar scenario, what if these flags were let’s say ISIS flags. Do you think that the city would have issued the citation? I certainly hope so, but I highly doubt it. Due to political correctness run amuck, the city would be afraid of being accused of “discrimination,” or “racism,” or some such thing. This is the double standard of political correctness which has run rampant in our country. Also, remember that this happened in Texas, one of our most patriotic states. If this can happen in Texas, it can happen anywhere.

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