Elections Have Consequences

After the election of Barack Hussein Obama as president the first time around, leftists would repeatedly tell conservatives that elections have consequences. Now this message goes back to the left. After a stunning repudiation of Obama’s big government policies, the GOP and conservatives have a mandate. Now that the House and Senate are in Republican hands, the work begins.

While Obama may intend to go ahead in granting executive amnesty to illegal immigrants, the GOP should do everything in their political power to stop this lawlessness. Many will argue that amnesty will help conservatives win over the Hispanic vote, but this is an unsubstantiated claim. In fact, many American working class people, even those known as Reagan Democrats, would be negatively impacted by amnesty. If the GOP can get the Reagan Democrat vote, that would help them greatly.

Furthermore, amnesty would just grant the Democrats more voters. Many of the illegals from countries primarily in Latin America as well as some from the Middle East would be Democratic voters, thus enabling a permanent majority for the left. More importantly, caving on immigration would set a dangerous precedent and lead to possibly more flow of illegal immigrants flooding into America without citizenship, thus enabling potential terrorists to come across the border as well. Open borders are a danger to the sovereignty of the USA and should be opposed by the new GOP majority.

On Iran, sanctions should be re-instituted despite Obama’s opposition. Iran remains a major sponsor of worldwide jihad movements. Furthermore, they promote totalitarianism. Allowing an Islamist regime, bent on defeating of Western civilization, to possess nukes would be a horrible mistake. Despite leftist desire to appease the Islamic regime of Iran, the Republicans should install sanctions and oppose any so-called compromises that would potentially allow Iran to build nuclear weapons.

Finally, the effort to defund and defeat Obamacare must be continued. The new health care law has already proven to be a failed system, in addition to the fact that it is now wasteful spending.

This victory for the GOP should lead to meaningful action by the House and Senate to oppose the Obama’s policies and stand on conservative principles. The GOP now has a chance and it’s time to seize the moment.

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