The Zehnder Weekly: Stay Vigilant

After last week’s election, we now have a Republican majority in both the house and senate for the first time in over a century. By now the excessive celebration of Republican’s success last week in the election is over. At this point, Republicans, conservatives and libertarians, might be tempted to sit back and kick up their feet, after all they deserve it after all the work they put in to win the election.

On the contrary, the work has just begun, and while we might have control of the House and Senate again, we still have two more years of Obama. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into the dangerous trap of judging a book by its cover, or in this case, judging a politician by the letter next to their name.

We must watch Republicans and independents just as vigilantly as we watch Democrats. We must “hold their feet to the fire,” if you will. I don’t give a rip how you identify yourself politically. If I have to choose between a white male Republican whose pro-gun control and pro-choice and a black, female Democrat whose pro-2nd amendment and pro-life, I’m not going to blindly vote for the candidate who has an R by their name. I don’t vote based off of what letter you have next to your name or what color your skin is. I vote based of off principles, character and where you stand on key issues like gun control, abortion, marriage, the economy etc.

In the same way, we collectively can’t blindly trust someone we have elected to office just based off of the letter they have next to their name. We have to watch them and see if they truly are men and women of their word; if they prove not to be, vote them out the next chance you get!

I truly believe that many politicians go with a pure heart and get corrupted once they obtain a position in government; whether it be due to bribery, peer pressure or whatever the reason, they crumble. I am not saying every politician starts out pure hearted, as I am sure many are corrupt form the start, but I do not believe the vast majority of them are. I think that even many Democrats start out pure hearted. At the same time, I’m also not saying that every Republican politician starts out with good intentions, I’m sure a few Republicans have been corrupted from the start as well.

In addition, if we didn’t hold these politicians accountable, we would be no better off than the Democratic Party. We would be invoking a double standard, and we would be hypocrites. Our hypocrisy would completely undermine our credibility. We would be no better or more trustworthy than the Democrats. No one would have any reason to believe us or trust us and why should they?

We would be exactly like the Democrats, only under a different guise. In addition, we would give true Republicans, a bad name. Trustworthy, credible candidates would have little credibility and influence due to the downfall of the Republicans party, simply because they have an R by their name.

So beware, stay vigilant. Hold all politicians of both parties accountable. Now is not the time to sit back and kick up your feet. Roll up your sleeves, the work has just begun.

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