The Zehnder Weekly: What Jonathan Gruber Really Thinks Of The American Voter

Jonathan Gruber’s recent comments reveal to us something about his mentality and how he views the American voter. Despite Gruber’s claims, we know that this was not just a slip-up or “off the cuff” as he said it was. Gruber’s comments were intentional deception. If it only happened once, perhaps it would be excusable. But he has described Americans as stupid at least twice, and in a third instance he cleverly weaved his ‘American’s are stupid’ narrative in a less direct way describing it as a “lack of economic understanding of the American voter,” reports the Daily Caller. Even if this had happened once I would at least suspect his motives, but I would likely give him a pass before calling him out on it. But this is not a one- time incident.

Upon first analysis of Gruber’s comments it would seem that is what Gruber actually thinks of Americans.  However, upon further analysis of his comments, I do not believe that this is what Gruber actually thinks of Americans. It’s what he wants us to think that he thinks about Americans.

But why would he want us to believe that he thinks we are stupid? Because it is beneficial to him and the administration; how can believing they think something negative about us benefit them you ask?

The answer is simple. They know we’re not stupid. They know we’re actually pretty intelligent.  They know that if they had told us the truth about legislation like Obamacare it would never have passed. Gruber all but admits this; ABC News reported that Gruber was reported to have made the following statement in 2013: “If you have a law that makes explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed.”

This illustrates the fact that they have absolutely no interest in what the American people want, they are only interested in passing the legislation they want to pass; it isn’t about healthcare, it’s about control.

This mentality holds true not only in relation to Obamacare but in many other areas as well. They want to control what we eat, how we educate our children, and what kind of guns we can and cannot have, and where we can carry them. They claim to be advocates for women’s rights, but they want to tell women how we can protect ourselves.

Therefore, in order to control us, they have to brainwash into thinking that we are too stupid to know what’s good for us. “You’re too stupid to own a gun, you’re too stupid to decide which school your children should attend, or even worse, educate your children at home! You’re too stupid to decide what kind of healthcare you need, you’re too stupid to make healthy food choices, you’re too stupid to decide not to smoke cigarettes, and you’re too stupid to not smoke marijuana. American’s aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions, so they have to make those decisions for us.”

The bottom line is they know how smart we are, but they are deceiving us into thinking we’re not smart so that we will allow them to control every area of our lives. That sure sounds like communism to me.

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