The Zehnder Weekly: Obama Doesn’t Care What Americans Want

On Thursday, President Obama announced that he planned to issue an executive order to delay deportation for the roughly 5 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, reported the Washington Examiner on Friday. Surprisingly, there is division over the President’s decision to precede with his executive action amongst the major news publications of the nation. The opinion weighs heavily in opposition to the President’s executive action.

“Of America’s four national newspapers, only the New York Times’ editorial board is satisfied with President Obama’s plan to act on immigration reform without Congress,” reported the Examiner. Because the Times is a left wing rag that is in the pocket of progressives and especially this administration, it should come as no surprise that they are supporting Obama’s executive action on immigration.

However, the Washington Post is very much a left-wing publication as well, and while the case may not be as strong, I think one could make the argument that the Wall Street Journal and USA Today are as well. Yet three of these four national newspapers are opposing Obama’s executive action plan on immigration.

The Washington Post acknowledged that while the President has the authority to “prioritize the enforcement of laws”; the Post described his executive action as “wholesale reinterpretation,” and called it “overreaching”.  USA Today describes his executive action similarly to the Post’s description. The Wall Street Journal describes it as “tearing at the fabric of national consent”.

I think the WSJ accurately hit on why three of the four major newspapers are not supporting the President’s decision: national consent. On November 19, an NBC/WSJ poll reported: “Forty-eight percent oppose Obama taking executive action on immigration — which could come as soon as later this week — while 38 percent support it; another 14 percent have no opinion or are unsure.”

The President’s decision to go forward with his executive action demonstrates a point that I hit on in my column last week.

“This illustrates the fact that they have absolutely no interest in what the American people want, they are only interested in passing the legislation they want to pass…”

The President really doesn’t care what the American people want or think, he wants to pass the legislation that he wants passed and he doesn’t give a rip if that’s not what the American people want.  He’s going to pass that legislation by whatever means necessary, adhering to the Machiavellian principle: “the ends justify the means.”  Now that there is a Republican majority in both houses, if that means that he has to pass his legislation by executive order, then he’s shown that he’s not going to let some silly thing called “Congress” or the Constitution stop him.

President Obama doesn’t even have to play the political game anymore and pretend like he cares about what the American voter wants, because he’s not up for reelection. So while we may have won back both houses, the President has proven that he isn’t going to let that stop him when there’s a piece of legislation he truly wants passed. Let’s just pray that by some miracle he doesn’t finish off what’s left of America in these last two years.

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