President Strange-Law, or How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying About the Constitution and Love the Illegal Amnesty

President Obama’s recent executive action reportedly gives amnesty and work permits to approximately five million illegal aliens, effectively nullifying current immigration law. It is a reckless attack on rule of law, separation of powers, and consent of the governed: the fundamentals of a free society.

Don’t take my word for it. President Obama himself was against the imperial amnesty before he was in favor of it, and he actually stated that it would be illegal for him to make such a decree.

For the case against Obama’s illegal amnesty, one need only look to Obama’s own speeches. President Obama has publicly said, on at least 25 occasions, that he does not have the constitutional authority to “go it alone” on amnesty. “That’s not how our democracy works,” he said to a mostly Latino audience. Back in 2010, Obama even made the case that amnesty would encourage illegal immigration and punish those waiting in line as legal immigrants. He was right. Now, he is looking more and more like “the emperor of the United States” he said he wasn’t.

So what changed? The fact remains that he has no constitutional authority to create new policy on such a large scale. The only thing that has changed is political circumstance.

Before this month’s elections, President Obama said “my policies are on the ballot.” At that point, he had made his intentions for imperial amnesty clear, although he decided to wait until after the elections in an attempt to help Democrat candidates. Many Republican candidates made the President’s plans for amnesty a campaign issue, and most of those candidates won.

Polls reveal that the vast majority of Americans overwhelmingly oppose amnesty, legislated or otherwise. In other words, Congress has not passed some form of amnesty precisely because voters are so against the idea. However, instead of listening to the American people, the President made this his very first act after the election.

With little hope of achieving amnesty through the constitutional process, he is hoping to force the GOP’s hand. Instead of pursuing a compromise, the President has resorted to the politics of cynicism yet again. Obama’s illegal action is a huge boon for his party, generating excitement within the Democrat base while paving the way for millions of more potential Democrat voters. This despite the fact that most Hispanic voters are against providing benefits to illegal immigrants, and nearly half are opposed to Obama’s amnesty.


The President’s surrogates took great pains to draw parallels with Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation,” even scheduling the speech for Mexican Revolution Day, Mexico’s version of July 4. In his primetime speech, Obama painted himself as a benevolent despot, even quoting the Old Testament out of context to support his lawlessness.

“Pass a bill,” President Obama said, with as much arrogance as he could muster, as if Congress is to blame for his little power trip. Instead of being a good leader and waiting for the new Congress in January to discuss immigration reform and work towards a compromise, the President decided to ignore the newly-elected Congress and do it himself. He then expects this same Congress to just bow to his wishes?

President Obama likes to point out that he used to be a constitutional law professor, but he’s got the whole process backwards. Congress is supposed to pass a bill, and then the President enforces the law, not the other way around. The precedent this sets is frightening, but Obama recently shrugged off those concerns.

President Obama’s arrogance, both in action and demeanor, clearly indicates that he is anticipating a political firestorm. Instead of offering an olive branch to the newly-elected Republican Congress, he tossed a grenade. This does nothing to unite the nation and everything to further stir up divisiveness.

Nevertheless, there are several ways Republicans can fight back and block Obama’s amnesty. First, the new Republican congress can defund his plan. Second, the Senate can block his political appointments until he reverses the order. Thirdly, Governors can pursue legal action against the administration. Meanwhile, Congress ought to pass a measure that will secure the border and shut off “magnets” that incentivize illegal immigration. All of these in tandem will put tremendous pressure on the President.

President Obama’s imperial amnesty is an act of lawlessness that does nothing to solve the border crisis, which was at its worst this past summer, and everything to encourage further lawlessness. Americans living near the border are already seeing an uptick in illegal border crossings.

Securing the border is a national security issue. Not all illegal aliens “come for love,” as Jeb Bush likes to say. Thousands of cases of sexual assault, robbery, and homicide committed by illegal aliens against American citizens have been reported in recent years. Lest we forget, we are living in a post-9/11 world, and the perpetrators of the September 11 terror attacks should have been deported long before their act of barbarism.

In each of the last seven fiscal years, about one million immigrants have legally become United States citizens. America has the most generous immigration system in the world, and we welcome those who enter our country legally.

Some tweaks are certainly in order, but it’s the executive branch of the federal government, as well as those who have chosen to break our immigration laws, that have led to the idea of a “broken immigration system.” America has tried amnesty several times over the past few decades, and it has worsened, not solved, the problem of illegal immigration.

Anyone who thought the President would take a step back or a step to the center don’t know him. This is a man driven by a Utopian-Statist ideology. The ends justify the means, and the Constitution is an obstacle to be defeated, not a foundation for liberty to be defended.

All indications are that Obama is just getting started. Up next: The costliest regulations ever, without Congressional approval, which will increase the cost of everything. Welcome to Ameritopia.



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