WATCH: Mark Levin Rouses State Legislators with a Call to Action

Mark Levin, one of America’s preeminent conservative thinkers, addressed a group of about 500 state legislators this week with a call to unite against a runaway federal government.

“You are the last line of defense of liberty,” Levin said, imploring the legislators to utilize Article V of the Constitution to “limit the entrenchment of Washington’s ruling class” and “take your power back.”

“In Washington today we have an ongoing constitutional convention,” Levin said. “Rather than the branches checking and balancing each other, they are re-enforcing each other.”

Levin emphasized that the Framers of the Constitution gave the states the ability to act via Article V.

Mark Levin is a nationally syndicated talk show host and an eight-year veteran of the Reagan administration.
Mark Levin is a constitutional expert, nationally syndicated talk radio host, and a veteran of the Reagan admin.

“Acting together, the state legislatures have more power than the entire federal government,” Levin told the crowd. Under Article V, state delegates can meet to propose amendments to the federal Constitution once two-thirds (34) of the states have passed similar resolutions. Levin has been an outspoken advocate, releasing his book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic last year in an effort to jump-start the movement.

“More and more of what the federal government does is insulated from elections,” Levin said, referring to the entrenched bureaucracy that has kept the country on a path “towards utopian-statism, concentrated power.”

“You have a duty under the federal Constitution… to save the republic,” Levin said emphatically. “It ought to be your number one priority when you leave here.”

Since the release of Levin’s book, three states (Georgia, Alaska, and Florida) have called for a convention that would “impose fiscal restraints on the Federal Government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal Government, and limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.” That language was drafted by Convention of States Project, which Levin has endorsed. Next year, they see their resolution being proposed in 20 or more states. The organization’s co-founder, Mark Meckler, has called Mark Levin “the intellectual leader of the convention of states movement.”

Levin reiterated his support for Convention of States Project, asserting that it was the only Article V effort that had the organization and scope necessary to address the nation’s systemic problems.

Most state legislators seem to be interested in a balanced budget amendment or congressional term limits, (both of which have the support of 75 percent of the American people), but Levin urged state legislators to also consider limits on the Supreme Court and federal bureaucracy.

“If you’re going to go through this process, don’t get myopic. Don’t get caught up in one issue,” Levin added. “This is a structural, systemic issue. We’re trying to restore the republic and save what’s left of the Constitution.”

Levin said the states should draft an amendment that would provide a way to collectively overturn unconstitutional federal statutes, overreaching Supreme Court rulings, and costly regulations.

“By giving the state legislatures the ultimate say on major federal laws, on major federal regulations, on major Supreme Court decisions, should three-fifths of state legislatures act to override them within a two year period,” Levin said, “it doesn’t much matter what Washington does or doesn’t. It matters what you do.”

Given the results of the 2014 elections, this movement is in its best position in the modern era. Red Millennial has added its own endorsement of Convention of States Project, because we think this is the one way by which the people can reign in the federal government. We encourage our readers to visit their interactive site by which you can encourage your own state legislators to support this exciting movement.

In addition to modern leaders in the liberty movement, President Ronald Reagan and economist Milton Friedman were also outspoken supporters of the Article V convention.

Be sure to check out the panel discussion that occurred immediately after Levin’s speech:

ALEC Meeting Unedited from Self Governance on Vimeo.


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