These Four People may be the Key to Repairing Relations Among Americans

All too often we hear about White-Black race relations, or White-Hispanic relations, or Black-Cop relations. It’s time to reject this narrative. Such marginalization of people only separates these respective groups farther apart, and makes reconciliation all the more difficult. The Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, and other race baiters of contemporary American society are doing more to damage American society than anyone else.

I propose rejecting these voices, and paying attention to people who seek to unite all Americans across the board. This is my short-list of people who I believe to be key in bringing people back together again.

1. Tim Scott

tim scottTim Scott is a class act. First appointed Senator by Governor Nikki Haley in 2010 after Jim DeMint resigned, little attention was paid to him by the media or Americans at large. However, the 2014 midterms broke tremendous records, particularly for Scott, as he became the first Black American elected as a Senator since Reconstruction. Scott obliterated the leftist narrative that Southern America is full of racists and White supremacists who want to keep the black man in chains (in the words of Joe Biden).

Now that Scott has burst onto the scene, he simply cannot be ignored any longer. However, the amazing thing about Scott is that he has used his position in a positive manner, not seeking to tear down others, but to look for ways to collectively lift each other up.

Glenn Beck interviewed Scott in early November, and his stances are outstanding. Scott is one of the great proponents of school choice in the Senate, and he uses this stance to unite people for the greater good of future Americans.

I believe that Tim Scott is a key player in the growing movement to reunite Americans. He has several things going for him. He is an accomplished black man (not to throw in the race card here, but for now we have to acknowledge this), he made history in his election to the Senate, and all of this works to bust the narrative of racism on the right.

2. Mia Love

Mia Love is another class act out of Utah. Love is the first black Republican woman to be elected to the United States Congress, again making history. She ran for Utah’s Fourth Congressional District in 2012, and narrowly lost to her Democratic opponent. However, she came back full force in 2014, and won 50-47%. She has become a force to be reckoned with, and is not afraid to even stand up to Hillary Clintonmia love

Just like with Tim Scott, it’s not about race for Love. It’s about principles that work for everyone regardless of color or creed. She supports the 2nd Amendment, energy independence, right to life, local control over education, and many other decentralizationist views.

Of course, Love presents a threat to the leftist “divide and conquer” agenda. In 2012, someone edited her Wikipedia page calling her a “dirty, worthless whore” and “House Nigger.” Go figure, leftist tolerance displayed in all its glory.

But I have not seen her respond back with hatred. No, she simply stated that it was in all likelihood due to her opposition to the Obama administration; this is probably a solid assumption. God forbid though we oppose a Democrat who is black. RACISTS!

Mia Love does not bow down to the race baiters and hate-mongers of the left. She rises above it, and provides us an example that we do not have to be a part of the low life culture.

3. Glenn Beck

glenn beckGlenn is one of the outlying figures in political media. He is one of the few people that I can actually stand listening to any more, because he does not put forth the hate-filled agenda that both the left and the right use. I make it clear that I will hit Republicans just as hard as I will Democrats, and even more so, because there must be honesty and integrity on both the part of the voter and on the political leader. Beck recognizes this as well, and in recent years he has been emphasizing that.

The most important things that I see in the development of Glenn Beck is his willingness to reach out to people across the aisle, and link arms together on the things that matter. No more was this more explicitly demonstrated in June 2014, where he tore apart President Bush, and praised the left for the warnings about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Glenn Beck Radio- Now, in spite of the things I felt at the time when we went into war, liberals said: We shouldn’t get involved. We shouldn’t nation-build. And there was no indication the people of Iraq had the will to be free. I thought that was insulting at the time. Everybody wants to be free. They said we couldn’t force freedom on people. Let me lead with my mistakes. You are right. Liberals, you were right. We shouldn’t have.

Who would have thought that Glenn Beck, GLENN BECK, would be admitting that the left was right about the wars? Who would have thought that Glenn Beck would be agreeing with the Chicago teacher’s union about Common Core? Who would have thought that Glenn Beck would be joining arms with Montel Williams on the VA Scandal? The interaction between Montel Williams and Glenn Beck, I think, is one of the most important examples of people who disagree on fundamental issues who can still come together to fight for something that anyone can agree on.

Beck has stated that times like these are where we will find ourselves with “strange bedfellows.” Civil conversation can still happen between liberals and conservatives, or even with those crazy libertarians (of which I am one). Putting aside our political difference for a time and finding what we agree with is how we can come back to treating each other like decent people again.

4. Rand Paul

I’m going to be really partisan here. I would like to see Rand Paul run for President in 2016. Forget the Jeb Bush argument; Bush will only bring more progressive big government upon us. Is that really what will fix America’s problems? Well if you want more government then you’ll get it, but if you want liberty, then Rand Paul is the best option to roll back excessive state power.rand_paul_filibuster

Paul is a unique figure. His father, Ron Paul, is a hero among the libertarian crowd. But the younger Paul has run into issues with his father’s following because he doesn’t appear libertarian enough to them. However, Rand does maintain an advantage that Ron never had, and that is the ability to be pragmatic and work within the system.

I have to say that Ron Paul is right about a lot of contemporary issues, but his approach does not attract as many people to the principles of liberty as the Rand Paul approach. For instance, in March of 2014, Rand spoke at the University of California at Berkeley, and received a standing ovation from those in attendance for his speech about domestic spying. This is a remarkable step forward for the GOP because Berkeley is a heavily left wing institution; the fact that anyone right of the far left could receive any support is astounding.

Rand has done what no other Republican has been willing to do; go into places where Republicans are not willing to go, and speak to people who are not Republicans. His libertarian leaning stances attract people from all parts of the political spectrum, especially with his warning about the dangers of mass domestic surveillance.

Rand Paul is hardly as polarizing as someone like Ted Cruz. Both are staunch defenders of the Constitution, so far as I can tell, but Paul’s approach brings people together, unlike the Cruz strategy which has brought more division among people. The message is highly important, but the messenger is also key to spreading the message of liberty. Paul does this more effectively than anyone else in the Senate, and arguably in the national government.

These four people are all highly influential in the political world. Tim Scott and Mia Love destroy racial stereotypes, and have taken a great deal of flak from the left for it. But they continue fighting, and show that it’s not all about race.

Glenn Beck continues to astound people on both the political left and right with his predictions and assertions. Agreement with some far left wing people has not become uncommon for Beck these days, but yet he still has not given up any of his principles. The fact that he can do such is rare in anyone these days, especially a talk radio host.

Rand Paul, while  still a relatively new player on the field, has a great potential to unite almost anyone in the cause of liberty. The fact that he can do so without completely polarizing the Senate, and turning everyone against him is an advantage that Ted Cruz does not have. Whether white or black, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, Rand Paul has brought people together to fight for liberty like no one else in contemporary times.

If the United States wants to survive, the people must not allow themselves to become the victims of those who power who wish to divide and conquer. Division among the people is one of the most dangerous weapons in tyranny’s arsenal. These four are just a few of those who may be able to bring unity back together, but on the national spotlight, they are by far the most prominent.

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3 thoughts on “These Four People may be the Key to Repairing Relations Among Americans

  1. Seth, a wonderful message and nicely written. I agree with you Rand Paul is a good Libertarian Conservative, however not without issues. Jeb Bush is a good Moderate Conservative and has his issues too. Rand has some scary supporters, like his father seems to keep Ron & Rand Paul out of the running. Jeb Bush has the Bush name and linked to Common Core. Albeit, he has only said he is for standards and Common Core would the minimum standards base line. We need Education and Financial Reform now. In the past, George Bush had the dream team with team infighting that undermined their success. Thank you Cheney & Powell. McCain wanted to change the Presidential landscape with Joseph Lieberman as Vice President, GOP wanted a woman and both sides with heels dug in acted childishly. Both cases were a huge failure because we didn’t work together as a partymuch less for the Country of ALL Americans. Was it because of poor strategies of being the lone wolf? Or both Democratic and Republican Supporters moving to the Center while Progressives & Tea Partiers moved to outer edges. Those of us who moved to the center because we understand compromise is key to any relationship. Our Country needs to learn to get along while continuing our role model for the Planet. It is time the Conservatives and Liberals stand together and take back this Country. We need to teach the young voters that compromise is key to getting long and you can’t have everything given to you – you earn it! As we move towards another Presidential Race maybe if we look at what our needs are short-term and long-term, then choose the best person(s) for the office to carry out reforms that give our States back their rights to govern and begin to heal this Country over the long-term! We shouldn’t live our lives race to race; short-term is only short-sighted. We can and will do it. We just need for the Moderates to take a stand and take back our voices. Thank you for sharing. @thejansimpson

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jan. I agree that compromise is key to any relationship, but what that compromise is about can be dangerous when there are two big government progressives, one from each party, both agreeing on expanding government power. That’s basically what we have now. It’s two big government parties, with a few minor exceptions. I see Rand Paul doing what is necessary and practical for America to truly be restored. He gets the fact that change will not come from the top down, it has to start with localities, counties, and states. There should not be education reform on the federal level because it has turned out disastrously throughout its tenure, and can’t be fixed due to the nature of centralized government power. A return to federalism is what we need, not a Republican/libertarian solution or a Democrat/liberal solution from the feds. Return power to the states as it was meant to be. That’s a compromise a reasonable person should be willing to come to.


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