Hollywood Celebrities In An Uproar Over Sony’s Cancellation of ‘The Interview’

Several Hollywood actors have expressed strong opinions disagreeing with Sony’s decision to cancel the release of “The Interview,” which was set to release Christmas Day. “Celebrities expressed frustration, disdain and anger after Sony pulled ‘The Interview’ from holiday release because of threats by cyberhackers,” reports ABC News.

“Famed Hollywood actor George Clooney slammed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, in an interview published by Deadline on Thursday… Clooney said it’s imperative the leader of the communist country does not come out of the situation victorious,”  reports TheBlaze. In his interview with Deadline, Clooney uses some strong language to express his opinions.

“The Hollywood actor, known for freely expressing his politics, encouraged Sony Pictures to publish the film on another platform. ‘Stick it online,’ Clooney told the publication. ‘Do whatever you can to get this movie out. Not because everybody has to see the movie, but because I’m not going to be told we can’t see the movie. That’s the most important part’,” reports TheBlaze.

Clooney is not the only Hollywood celebrity to express his displeasure with Sony’s decision. Rob Lowe described Sony as “a spineless sellout and comparing it to the famous British Prime Minister who caved in to Hitler,” reports TMZ.

Jimmy Kimmel had this to say:

Sony justifies their decisions by basically saying, “Well most, major movie chains aren’t going to show it anyway.” If individual chains choose not to show the film that is their decision. As Sony’s CEO, Michael Lynton said in an interview with CNNMoney, “We do not own movie theaters. WE cannot determine whether or not a movie will be played in movie theaters.”

I will say in Sony’s defense that “the safety of employees and theater-goers,” which was cited as a concern in their statement, is legitimate.  As Sony’s hacker’s warned of an attack on those theaters which showed the film. It is believed that the hackers are from North Korea, as the film mockingly depicts the assassination of Kim Jong-Un.

According to ABC News, Sony “stands by the filmmakers and ‘their right to free expression’.”  However, their actions make this statement seem very suspect. Lynton denies the accusations that Sony has “caved” by cancelling the Christmas Day release of “The Interview,” according to CNNMoney.

“In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Lynton also reopened the door to a future release of the controversial comedy, saying the company is considering some sort of release on the Internet. Sony followed up on Lynton’s remarks with a statement that read, in part, ‘It is still our hope that anyone who wants to see this movie will get the opportunity to do so’…Lynton’s response came just hours after a White House press conference where Obama criticized Sony’s decision. ,” reports CNNMoney.

I suspect that Sony is not being honest here, and that this is an attempt to save face. In light  of the criticisms hurled at them by everyone from President Obama to Hollywood celebrities, Sony has decided to take Clooney’s “suggestion” and will likely release the movie in an online format.

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