May Freedom Ring In Cali Once Again!

California is one of many states ringing in the New Year by enacting laws which will likely take even more money out of your wallet.

TPNN– A new law, which was pushed through by radical left-wing progressive radical animal activists, requires new standards for farmers who raise egg-laying hens, will raise costs to farmers, which will probably result in higher egg prices at the grocery store.

The new California law demands that farmers raise chickens in larger enclosures that provide enough room for them to stretch, turn around and flap their wings.

California, which is the largest consumer of eggs in the nation, is also requiring that any farmers who sell from out-of-state must also comply with the law that took effect January 1, 2015, meaning that the inevitable price increases won’t necessarily be confined to California residents.

In fact, Fox News reports that chicken and egg prices have already risen as farmers prepare to meet the requirements of the new law: “In anticipation, egg prices have already risen, said Dave Heylen of the California Grocers Association, adding that the holiday season, cold weather across the country and increased exports to Mexico and Canada also contributed to a year-end price spike.”

This law is ridiculous, and helps no one. The law only causes an increase in costs for both the consumer and producer.

This law was likely brought on by the recent fad to eat organic, healthy, home-grown, local or whatever and perhaps a nudge from PETA.

There is nothing against those who want to eat this way, whatever their reasons may be. But it’s not as if “free range eggs” aren’t easily acquired. If you live in a big city, or somewhere that you can’t purchase free range eggs from a local farmer, most grocery stores even smaller ones carry eggs which are labeled as “free range”.

If you want to eat free range, fine, but you don’t have the right to force those who don’t, or those who don’t care and would rather save a little green, to eat that way anymore than they can force you to eat their way. Now if this regulation helped everyone, there might be a halfway decent argument. But this law only costs more money to both consumers and farmers.

“California, once a bastion of prosperity and freedom, is now run by far-left controlist progressive Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, and dominated by leftists in both the state House and Senate,” reports TPNN.

So let’s stop with these ridiculous laws that hurt everyone! Let’s make Cali the ‘bastion of prosperity and freedom” it once was!

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