Immigration and The 2016 Presidential Election

As we gear up for the 2016 Presidential election it is important for the voters to know where each candidate stands on key issues, and one of the hottest issues in recent years has been illegal immigration and immigration reform. Note that many of these names are only likely candidates and have not officially declared that they are running.

Jeb Bush: “Bush backed the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill opposed by most conservatives. After Obama’s executive amnesty, he said Congress should pass comprehensive immigration reform to stop Obama,” reports Ben Shapiro in Breitbart.

According to the WSJ, “He would greatly strengthen border security, linking any legalized status for illegal immigrants to tangible progress on objective border security metrics… Mr. Bush does believe that children who were brought here illegally and some adults should be eligible for legalized status once certain conditions are met,” reports Shapiro in Breitbart.

Mitt Romney: Romney’s position on this issue and many others has shifted over the years. In November 2013 he indicated his support for comprehensive immigration reform, saying: “I do believe that those who come here illegally ought to have an opportunity to get in line with everybody else. I don’t think those who come here illegally should jump to the front of the line or be given a special deal, be rewarded for coming here illegally, but I think they should have a chance, just like anybody else, to get in line and to become a citizen if they would like to do so,” reports Shapiro.

Chris Christie: Christie’s position on this issue is unclear. “The National Journal has an excellent timeline of the supposedly plainspoken governor’s positions here. To sample but a few, in 2009, he said he opposed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and slammed Rick Perry for taking the opposite position in 2012. Then, in December 2013, he signed a bill allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. He has been sidestepping questions ever since,” reports Breitbart.

Ted Cruz: Cruz’s position on this issue has remained clear and unchanging. “The Texas senator has been outspoken in his belief that the border must be enforced and that illegal immigrants should not be given a pathway to citizenship,” reports Breitbart.

Rand Paul: “The Senator from Kentucky has supported comprehensive immigration reform, even making joint calls with Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform in 2013 on behalf of the Republican bill. In 2013, the media widely misquoted him as stating he supported a pathway to citizenship, which he does not; Paul said at the time, according to his staff, that he supported ‘a quicker path to normalization, not citizenship, and being able to stay, work and pay taxes legally,’” reports Breitbart.

Mike Huckabee: Huckabee’s position on this issue has also proven to be wishy-woshy. In 2006, he backed President Bush’s plan for comprehensive immigration reform. “He also defended President Obama’s 2012 action deferring deportation for illegal immigrants between the ages of 16 and 30 – the so-called DREAMers…But a few months ago, he slammed President Obama, stating that Obama “doesn’t believe there should be borders,’” reports Breitbart.

Scott Walker: Walker’s position on this issue is unclear as well. Wisconsin’s governor may support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. In 2013, he told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he “hasn’t taken a position on citizenship for illegal immigrants.” He told Politico, “For people waiting to come in our country legally, we’ve got to make sure that they get in first, that they get their status first, because they’ve been following the rules and playing by the rules. After that, if there is a way to set up a process so that you enable people to come in and have a legal pathway to do that, that’s something we’ve got to embrace. Whether or not it’s that specific bill or not, I think there’s some nuances to that,” reports Breitbart.

Ben Carson: Quite the opposite of Walker, Carson is very clear on where he stands on this issue. “Carson endorses a guest-worker program for non-citizens. He also said that the government should ‘of course allow [illegal immigrants] to have a pathway to citizenship,’” reports Breitbart.

Keep in mind all of these positions are subject to change between now and the primaries, especially for those who have shifter in the past such as Romney, Christie, and Huckabee. So it’s important to keep yourself informed on the candidates changing stances on important issues.


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