Justin Amash: Liberty’s Greatest Ally in the House of Representatives

For many years, Texas Congressman Ron Paul was one of the greatest champions for liberty in Congress. In 2012, Paul’s tenure in Congress came to an end though, and with seemingly no adequate replacement to take the torch. Rand Paul, his son, has done many great things in the Senate during his short political career, filibustering the Obama administration’s use of drone strikes most notably. However, the House of Representatives lacked the intense vigor that the elder Paul had brought to the House floor.

Those days are gone now, as a new man has risen to take the torch of liberty in the House. That man is Justin Amash, third term incumbent Congressman from Michigan’s third district.

Amash was elected in 2010 during the Tea Party sweep. Before entering Congress, he served in Michigan’s State Legislature. One of Amash’s most notable features as a statesman is his voting record. During his transition he has certainly not faltered in his fight for liberty.

He has never missed a vote, and with every vote he casts an explanation is provided via his Facebook page. Indeed, Amash brings to his constituents what the Obama administration promised in 2008: being most transparent administration in history.

What other representative provides his constituents, and ardent followers, his justification for EVERY SINGLE VOTE?  I bet you can’t, because no one is as transparent as Amash has been. In all honestly, if they were, Congress would have a near 0% approval rating in all likelihood!  What Amash has going for him  is his religious use of social media to reach out to people. No other representative can match the transparency of Amash.

He is fearless in his stances. He won’t capitulate to Democrats or Republicans, no matter what the issue is. Two recent events further exemplify him as the liberty’ best friend in the House.

The Keystone XL Pipeline was recently voted in favor by both chambers of Congress. The bill passed by vote of 270-152. All Republicans but one voted in favor of the bill. Can you guess who? you got it: Justin Amash.

In summer of 2013, Amash wrote a lengthy Facebook post explaining why he opposes the pipeline. He slammed the cronyism that the bill entails, bringing the brilliant F.A. Hayek to enlighten us regarding the dangers of the project.

As F.A. Hayek explained in The Constitution of Liberty: “It is because the lawgiver does not know the particular cases to which his rules will apply, and it is because the judge who applies them has no choice in drawing the conclusions that follow from the existing body of rules and the particular facts of the case, that it can be said that laws and not men rule. Because the rule is laid down in ignorance of the particular case and no man’s will decides the coercion used to enforce it, the law is not arbitrary. This, however, is true only if by ‘law’ we mean the general rules that apply equally to everybody. This generality is probably the most important aspect of that attribute of law which we have called its ‘abstractness.’ As a true law should not name any particulars, so it should especially not single out any specific persons or group of persons.”

In his most recent Facebook post regarding the vote, he again hammered away at the bill’s cronyism.

Amash keystone vote explanation

Amash is going down the road less traveled, and is not afraid to call out anyone traveling on Crony Road. His intellectual honesty and integrity to stand up to these nearly invisible threats to liberty are reminiscent of the zenith of Ron Paul’s Congressional tenure.

Continuing in Paul’s fight against the Patriot Act, Amash’ most recent barrage of liberty missiles have been fired at Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Reason- The congressman was asked during a panel at the 2015 International Students for Liberty Conference, happening now in Washington, D.C., how he felt about the idea that Congress should “rubberstamp” reauthorization of the controversial law. Amash responded: “I think it’s embarrassing to say things like that. It reflects a lack of awareness of what the American people think and what the Constitution says. And if [Rubio] thinks that that is the future of the Republican Party, he is very wrong.”

Talk about being willing to stand up to anyone. Rubio is a potential candidate for the 2016 presidential nomination, and has been called the “dark horse” who will win the race by Charles Krauthammer. But Amash does not seem to care about that, for the truth is no respecter of persons.

Justin Amash is, without a doubt, the greatest ally of liberty in Congress, maybe only rivaled by Senator Rand Paul. However, Amash has been willing to go directly against the Republican Party on countless occasions for the greater good. I believe that he is just getting started; there will certainly be more controversy, more cronyism, and much more domestic spying abuse to address in the coming months.

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