Governor Scott Walker: A Record to Run On

For day number two, I have chosen a candidate who is not the most well known in the field of potential GOP candidates, but who has recently come into the spotlight as a very strong potential candidate. Today’s post is about Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker.

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Why you may be familiar with the name Scott Walker:

      Recently, Scott Walker has been touted as a potential front runner. While he might not have the name recognition of candidates such as Jeb Bush or Rand Paul, Walker is definitely one to watch.

Here is what I have gathered about some of his stances on popular issues:


Walker has been consistently pro-life, and has a track record to prove it. First, he has successfully defunded Planned Parenthood providers in the Wisconsin state budget and reallocated the funding to the Wisconsin Well Woman program. Furthermore, according to Life News, he has signed many pro-life bills into law, such as an ultrasound bill which lets mothers who are contemplating abortion see an ultrasound of their child before they make the decision.


Walker has had a strong stance on illegal drugs. According to the Washington Post, he recently announced that he would be proposing legislation that would allow for the state to perform drug tests on people who are receiving food stamps and unemployment benefits.

Gun Control:

Scott Walker has also been consistent on his stance on the second amendment.Breitbart reported that Walker has signed into law concealed-carry legislation, and was endorsed in a NRA ad during his last campaign cycle for protecting citizens’ gun rights.

Same-Sex Marriage:

Walker has been a proponent for traditional marriage and had supported the ban on gay marriage in Wisconsin. However, the Supreme Court denied to hear the case, making gay marriage now legal in Wisconsin. Since then, Walker has not necessarily shifted his views as much as he has shifted his focus. Instead of focusing on the same-sex marriage issue, he said in a Washington Post article, “To me, I’d rather be talking in the future now more about our jobs plan and our plan for the future of the state, I think that’s what matters to the kids. It’s not this issue.”


“I’m saying that in the end, we need to enforce the laws of the United States and we need to find a way for people to have a legitimate, legal immigration system in this country, and that doesn’t mean amnesty,” Scott Walker stated in an article with National Review.

Analysis with political guru, Spencer Brown:

How will Scott Walker do in the primaries?

I think he will do really well because he has a lot of that Midwestern ‘common guy you would go eat breakfast with’ charm and is someone you could really relate to. I think he could do really well in Iowa because that is up in his neck of the woods. He has come under fire recently for not having a college diploma, but I don’t think half of Mt. Rushmore had a diploma either. Just because you don’t have a diploma does not necessarily mean anything. Qualifications mean nothing if a person is incompetent. He has proven through many re-elections that he can run a campaign and he can run a state very well. Wisconsin is probably doing the best out of the Midwestern states, and clearly he knows what he is doing.

What groups will he struggle with reaching out to the most?

Ironically, he will probably struggle with highly educated people because they might look down on him for not having a degree. But, the man clearly knows how to run things. Also, he probably won’t do well with union people, but unions are not a huge Republican block, so that will probably not be too much of a problem.

What groups will he succeed with reaching out to the most?

He will do well with families and the evangelical right.

What are some of Scott Walker’s strengths?

The executive experience that he has will help him. He survived more political turmoil within his state and has come out the other side winning again and again. He has experience shrinking the size of government in Wisconsin, as well as cutting spending and balancing the state budget, and giving them a lot better economy without sacrificing public works.

What are some of Scott Walker’s weaknesses?

A lot of people talk about him not having a college degree as being a problem. It just kind of shows that it is the only thing they can point out because he has won at everything else. They can’t really attack him for a position if it won. But, with the college degree situation, that is something they can attack and latch onto as a criticism. Other than that, while obviously it works, his manner is ‘his way or the highway,’ as we have seen with the union battle. He basically said ‘this is going to happen and if you don’t like it, so be it.’ So, that can rub people the wrong way even though it does work for him.

Does he have enough experience in an elected office or in another realm of leadership that would lead to him being an effective president?