Day Three: The Third Bush

For day number three, I am writing about the third potential President Bush. Because of his name recognition, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, had initially been scoring fairly high in many polls. However, now that many other strong candidates have come into the spotlight, it seems that the primaries will not be as easy of a win as some initially thought.

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Why you may be familiar with the name Jeb Bush:

The main reason why this name may ring a bell is because he is the son of our 41st president, and brother to our 43rd.

Here is what I have gathered about some of his stances on popular issues:


Jeb Bush, like many other conservative candidates, is pro-life.


Jeb Bush is against legalizing drugs like marijuana. He recently urged Floridians to vote against an amendment that would legalize marijuana because he believed that the legalization of such a drug could destroy all of the efforts made to make Florida a family-friendly tourist and retiree destination. This is according to On the Issues.

Gun Control:

Jeb Bush enacted much legislation in Florida that reflected his stance on gun control. According to NJ, Bush approved a conceal-carry law. He also supported legislation that would allow for non-Florida residents who had a concealed carry license in their own state to carry their guns in FL.

Same-Sex Marriage:

Jeb Bush has said that people need to respect a state’s decision to legalize gay marriage, even if they do not personally agree, according to Politico. However, while he believes it is a state issue, Bush does oppose gay marriage.


Bush has said in the past that people coming to this country illegally are not committing a felony, but an act of love. According to NJ, Bush also stated, “I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime. There should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.”

Analysis with political guru, Spencer a Brown:

How will Jeb Bush do in the primaries?

He has to convince everyone that he is not another Bush. It will be interesting to see how much of the Bush family’s connections help to mobilize him or not because it is going to be tricky. If they don’t help him, then he doesn’t really have as much of an advantage. But, if they do help him, then he has the advantage of resources, money and connections. However, that also gives everyone else in the race the ability to point out he is just another Bush.

He will run into problems with people who home school and charter school because he supports Common Core standards. He is also not as conservative; he is more of a neo-conservative like President George W Bush was. So, he will have a little trouble with the true red Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann conservative supporters. But, I think he will have enough momentum to go pretty far if the machinery will kick in. I just don’t know if it will be enough.

What groups will he struggle with reaching out to the most?

He will struggle with the Tea Party kind of grassroots Republicans.

What groups will he succeed with reaching out to the most?

He will do really well with the Karl Rove type Republicans, who typically have a lot of money. But, as we have seen, sometimes the grassroots can raise money like there is no tomorrow, and they can challenge even the Karl Rove type supporters. While Karl Rove is maxing out with a million dollar donation, you’ve got 5 million conservatives, each giving $7. So, it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

What are some of Jeb Bush’s strengths?

He has the executive experience which helps because you run essentially a small country, even though it is just a state. But, even just having that experience of running it, doing budgets, and overseeing all of the public works will help him. Also, just being a Bush is an advantage as much as it is a disadvantage.

What are some of Jeb Bush’s weaknesses?

Everybody knows who he is already, so he does not need to fight to be known. However, he has already been defined, so he is going to have to work to try to re-position himself if he does not want to come off as just another Bush. His support for the Common Core is also a big weakness for Bush.

Does he have enough experience in an elected office or in another realm of leadership that would lead to him being an effective president?