Marco Rubio: The Man Outside the Spotlight

The candidate for today has not necessarily been steadily in the spotlight. Senator Marco Rubio seems to be a hard worker, but will that be enough to make him a frontrunner?


Why you may be familiar with the name Marco Rubio:

Senator Marco Rubio is a Florida Senator and has been mentioned in some polls. However, overall, Marco Rubio does not have the name recognition that many other candidates do.

Here is what I have gathered about some of his stances on popular issues:


According to Politico, Marco Rubio has been open about his pro-life beliefs and has advocated for abortion after 20 weeks to be banned nationwide.


According to The Daily Beast, Marco Rubio wrote, “While individuals from a variety of perspectives have made a compelling case that American law has been over-criminalized and over-federalized, reform should not begin with careless weakening of drug laws that have done so much to help end the violence and mayhem that plagued American cities in prior decades.”

Gun Control:

Pro-second amendment, and under the realization that the constitution is important and criminals don’t follow the law, Marco Rubio has voted against many gun-control bills in order to protect the gun rights for citizens.

Same-Sex Marriage:

Senator Rubio recently criticized court rulings that might set the precedence to making gay marriages legal. According to Politico, Rubio noted that the people should have brought the issue to the ballots or through legislation instead of through the courts, because just a few years ago, “62 percent of Florida voters who approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage six years ago.”


Rubio has advocated to find a way that illegal immigrants can have a pathway to citizenship, while also noting that reforms should not happen in one large overhaul, but instead through piecemeal bills, according to Politico.

Analysis with political guru, Spencer Brown:

How will Marco Rubio do in the primaries?

He is a little more towards the center, so I think he may do a little better overall than someone who is more polarizing. But, I don’t know if he has necessarily what it takes. He is not super prominent, which is a good thing because it means he can define himself better. But, it also means nobody necessarily knows as much about what he is up to or what he is trying to do. He definitely would have the support of different voting blocks from Florida.

What groups will he struggle with reaching out to the most?

He will probably struggle with the Tea Party type of people. He definitely is farther right than John McCain, but he is not as far right as Ted Cruz.

What groups will he succeed with reaching out to the most?

He will probably do moderately well with some of the establishment Republicans.

What are some of Marco Rubio’s strengths?

He is somebody who has kept his head down and worked, so I think that will work to his advantage as far as getting other Republicans on his side. He also doesn’t create too much trouble within the senate or the national Republican Party. So, I think that might help him. I think if immigration continues to be an issue and Cuba continues to be an issue, then that will be a strength for him, just because that is kind of his backyard in Florida.

What are some of Marco Rubio’s weaknesses?

If policies in regards to immigration and Cuba don’t end up being a big deal, then it will not work as an advantage for him. If he just keeps going back and referring to the fact that he is from Florida and close to Cuba, it is not going to give him any benefit. Also, as mentioned before, he does not have a huge prominence nationally, so it will be a little bit harder to get momentum starting out. But, that could help give him the ability to define himself more.

Does he have enough experience in an elected office or in another realm of leadership that would lead to him being an effective president?

He is in the Senate, so you have that experience being in the upper house and working with those sorts of situations. I think he’s got experience.