Meet 19 Year Old Yvonne Dean-Bailey: Candidate for NH Representative

Katie: I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you through Campus Reform and being campus correspondents together. I am fascinated with the articles you’ve been writing lately, and liberal bias you’ve been exposing. I am honored to interview you as your campaign is in full-swing, almost a month away from the election! I see great potential in your future in the political arena. You’re only 19, and you are running to be a New Hampshire state representative— how awesome is that?! I am excited for you, just as all the writers here at Red Millennial. Now let’s get to talking because we are all dying to know the real Yvonne who’s clearly ready to make a change in our country’s history.

 Katie: What’s your go-to song as of today?

Yvonne: ‘Read My Mind’ by the Killers is my all time favorite.

Katie: If you had an everyday #hashtag, what would it be?

Yvonne: I will certainly admit that I occasionally abuse the #yasss every once and a while. Other than that I mostly just tweet about politics.

Katie: [I love food, and I am hungry, so I’m curious]— what’s your favorite food?

Yvonne: Chips and salsa! Never gets old.

Katie: [I’m an original from New England, like you, so I’m interested…] What is one thing you absolutely love about New England?

Yvonne: I’m a very outdoorsy person so I love the natural beauty of New England and New Hampshire. We have a little bit of everything in New Hampshire: mountains, oceans, lakes and a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities.


Katie: Where are you attending college?

Yvonne: Mount Holyoke College

Majoring in: Politics and History

Katie: What clubs (or anything) are you involved with?

Yvonne: I am the Vice President of the College Republicans.

Katie: What’s the class you’ve enjoying the most and why?

Yvonne: I’m taking a class on Bohemian Politics in the 1900s which is very interesting. It’s a hard class since I’m not too familiar with Bohemian history, but it’s fascinating!

Katie: [Most people hear that you are 19 years old and question what happens if you are a part-time NH representative and also in school,] how does that work?

Yvonne: New Hampshire has a part time legislature which meets January through June. Spring semester I just plan on taking night classes and scheduling classes around sessions and hearings.


Katie: What’s one word that you want others to associate your name with?

Yvonne: Hardworking

Katie: So Yvonne, you are at the ripe old age of 19, how are your peers reacting to the thought of you representing them in the state house?

Yvonne: People are very excited. I think both sides of the aisle recognize the need for fresh voices in the State House. So much of the policies being made at the state level and at the national level directly affect our generation. We inherit the debt, we inherit the policies. I think millennials, regardless of their party, are excited at the potential of having a voice in the State House.


Katie: [Now that we’ve gotten to know you a little bit better on a personal level, let’s really dig into the political sphere.] Is there a big issue within the millennial group that you’re trying to represent in the state house?

Yvonne: If I am elected my number one priority is improving the business climate in New Hampshire. We can do this by reducing burdensome regulations and taxes on businesses. We need to create an environment in which businesses, workers, and consumers can flourish without heavy interference from the state and federal government. We need to work on attracting more businesses to New Hampshire so we can provide better jobs and keep our bright and innovative millennials in the state.

Katie: Who is an important female role model for you as a young woman entering the political arena and why is she so inspiring?

Yvonne: It’s hard to pick just one! I worked for Marilinda Garcia this past election and she has been an amazing role model. I also really look up to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik who was elected this past November as the youngest Congresswoman to ever be elected. I also look up to Senator Ayotte in New Hampshire as well. All three of them do/did a great job listening to their constituency which is something I value greatly.

Katie: [These new provision agreements are starting to pop-up across the country due to many complaints of people upset over faulty legislation.] Do you think every new NH government program should have a maximum 10-year sunset provision so that it’s periodically reviewed to make sure it’s still working and needed?

Yvonne: I think it’s definitely something we should consider. We need to make sure our policies and our programs are working in the most efficient ways possible and that they are serving their purpose.

Katie: [Many people say that government is too complicated for the average individual to comprehend the legislation and such, as a young woman 19 years of age:] do you think government regulations are too complex and bureaucratic and, if so, how do you think they can be revamped to help all individuals to understand what’s being passed and how it’s affecting them?

Yvonne: I definitely believe that government is complicated. It’s important to think about all aspects of a situation when creating legislation. Most things are not black and white and have to be thoroughly explained and researched. However, we need to work towards a more transparent government with policies the general public can readily access and understand. I think the best way to avoid bureaucratic and complicated legislation is to return power to our local governments. Let the communities and local officials decide what policies work the best for them.

Katie: Is there any type of bill you’re looking to pledge support to, or perhaps introduce to the chamber?

Yvonne: If elected, I’m looking forward to working on policies that will bring local control back to New Hampshire towns and cities. I’m excited to work on bringing more healthcare options to New Hampshire, such as bridging across state lines. I’m also very passionate about increasing local control of education and creating more and better opportunities for NH students and school boards.

Katie: Give me one sentence on what you’d like NH to describe and remember your service by:

Yvonne: A principled and passionate, young conservative, dedicated to serving New Hampshire.


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