The Final Analysis: Governor Bobby Jindal

For my final analysis in the series, I will take a look at Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal.

Why you may be familiar with the name Bobby Jindal:

Bobby Jindal is the Governor of Louisiana, and tends to show up at events like CPAC. However, he is not the most well-known candidate in the field.


Here is what I have gathered about some of his stances on popular issues:


According to On the Issues, Jindal was “Rated 100% by the NRLC, indicating a pro-life stance.”


According to On the Issues, Jindal was, “Rated -10 by NORML, indicating a “hard-on-drugs” stance.”

Gun Control:

In 2014, Jindal signed into law a pro-second amendment bill that expanded gun rights in the state of Louisiana, according to The Times-Picayune.

Same-Sex Marriage:

According to CNN, Jindal is very firm on his stance in favor of traditional marriage, and “won’t evolve” on the issue.


According to On the Issues, Jindal has said, “Look, I’ve said all along that people that want to come into this country, work hard, get an education, that’s good for them, that’s good for us. There’s nothing wrong with Republicans in congress saying let’s secure the border first. If this president was serious about moving forward with comprehensive approach he would start by securing the border. We don’t need a thousand page bill. It’s not complicated. Right now, we have low walls and a narrow gate. That is opposite of what we need, we need a high walls and wide gate, so that more people can come in to this country legally.”

Analysis with political guru, Spencer Brown:

How will Bobby Jindal do in the primaries?

He is, to me, one of those people who just show up to rally the base. I don’t see him a lot besides from CPAC, and Republican banquets and dinners. He’s got good recognition just from being Governor. But, I’m not sure if he has a ton of notable achievements that people are aware of.

What groups will he struggle with reaching out to the most?

Probably establishment, once again. He is more of an outsider. He tends to rile people up, which is good for campaigning. But, I feel like he might be another one who might be a good surrogate for a campaign, but not the candidate.

What groups will he succeed with reaching out to the most?

He will succeed with southern Republicans. I feel he is a lot better known regionally, as opposed to nationally. He will probably also succeed with people who are Tea Party, right winged.

What are some of Bobby Jindal’s strengths?

He has executive experience. He has done a lot of good in Louisiana. He has a lot of accomplishments that he can tell stories about on his campaign.

What are some of Bobby Jindal’s weaknesses?

A weakness is that he is polarizing. He is very much a partisan politician, which doesn’t always work out very well nationally. And, again I’m sure he has it, but not many people can probably name any bipartisan achievements he has.

Does he have enough experience in an elected office or in another realm of leadership that would lead to him being an effective president?