Why A Rand Fan is Hesitant about a Ted Cruz Candidacy

imageI am not questioning Ted Cruz’s principles, I am not questioning his intelligence, I am not questioning his dedication, nor am I questioning his genuineness. What I am questioning is his ability to do what America really needs right now, something that almost no one sees as possible, and that is to bring unity back to these United States.

Ted Cruz is a highly polarizing figure, and it is because of his firm stance on principle. However, the way that he polarizes the country may do him more harm than good, and could lead lead to another far left President, or another Bush Presidency. People in this country usually love Cruz or hate him with a passion. While that certainly shows that he’s stood up for something in his life, it will probably prevent him from being the person who can unify these divided states.

His firm stances and fiery rhetoric polarize the people at large, along party lines and within the party itself. While I no longer call myself a Republican, as the party has simply left me, I do see them as being more redeemable than the Democrats who have been taken over by the religion of Statism. In order to redeem the Republican Party, there has to be some kind of unity, and Cruz has not shown his ability to bring that where it is most needed. The establishment hates him, of course, but also a large portion of the general populace hates him. Cruz will ultimately be fighting a war on two fronts.

Those two factors cause me to question his ability to actually win the nomination, and ultimately the Presidency. This is not to say that he does not have the integrity, competence, or determination to hold the office, but the process of getting there is the issue. If more division is brought about, it will only lead to further disenfranchisement of the people from the political process, and a greater sense of hopelessness that has started to define the American political system.

So, if not Cruz, then who? Simply put, I see Rand Paul being the best man for the job. He brings to the table something that Cruz simply has not. Paul has boldly dared to go into places no Republican has gone before, reaching out to the most liberal institutions and areas of America, bringing the message of liberty to anyone willing to receive it. From University of California at Berkeley, to the Urban League, to the NAACP, Paul has been welcomed by his audiences. Why? Because the message of liberty is something that people across this country can all hear and empathize with (generally speaking).

Paul has gone to those places that Cruz and other conservatives have not been willing to go; and you know what, not as many people in the general populace really hate Rand Paul as they do Ted Cruz. Of course the establishment in both parties is no fan of Paul, but he unites the people in a way that others don’t. From the most conservative person on the east coast, to the most liberal person on the west coast, Paul can bring them to a table and have them agreeing on major principles of liberty before they even know what happened.

Ted Cruz is not doing what Paul has done, and probably he won’t be able to because of the utter contempt already implanted in the hearts and minds of so many people. If his strategy had been more similar to Paul’s then perhaps I would not have written this, but Cruz’s appeals have been primarily to the conservative base of the Republican Party and has not focused of spreading the message of liberty beyond just the conservative crowd.

Hence, I don’t think Cruz will be able to muster up the support that he needs for the nomination. But who knows, perhaps he will shift his tactics and take a more Paul-esque approach to reach out to a broader audience. However, unless he can do so in the way that Rand Paul has been able to do, I only foresee more division among Americans coming from his candidacy.

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