Carly for America

Did you hear that? Me too. It’s the sound of Hillary Clinton bawling her eyes and yelling a few obscenities at Bill. Why, you might ask? The ultimate Conservative alternative to Madame Clinton is about to entire the 2016 GOP primary: Carly Fiorina.

You see, Carly, a native Texan, is exactly the kind of person that scares women like Hillary Clinton to death. She’s a successful, self made business woman who worked her way through college and climbed the career ladder. Eventually, Carly’s hard work paid off. In July 1999, Fiorina became the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and the first woman to ever lead a Fortune 20 company. That same year, Fortune named her “the Most Powerful Woman in American Business.” Talk about impressive.

Cover of Fiorina's 2006 best-seller and Clinton's 2014 memior.
Cover of Fiorina’s 2006 best-seller and Clinton’s 2014 memior.

Without any substantial political experience under her belt (she made an unsuccessful bid for a California Senate seat in 2010), Fiorina will be running 100% on her career as an effective businesswoman, and that might work. Her deep understanding of the importance of work ethic and that Conservative ideals are the backbone of what makes America a prosperous nation will without-a-doubt resonate with many Republican voters.

Almost every day, Liberal elitist like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Harry Reid try to paint the GOP as the party of “old white men” with outdated policies (Ironic, I know). In reality, the Republican Party is reinventing itself, putting more focus on minority outreach and spreading the message of Liberty and the Bill of Rights to more people than ever before.

This is terrifying the Left. President Obama’s inability to follow through on ’08 and ’12 campaign promises have led to a lame-duck second term, and Democrats know this will greatly impact 2016. Without a new, young fresh face on the horizon, Democrats will likely nominate someone like Hillary or Biden who won’t be able to excite the base and bring in Independent voters the way President Obama did in the past two elections.
Now look to the Right. Things are just getting under way and we already have candidates with youth, a range of ethnicity, various levels of experience, and, yes, even a women. 2016 is shaping up to be quite a year for the GOP. Expect to hear a formal announcement from Fiorina’s camp at the end of April or early May.

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