Hilary Clinton: The Self-Hating Woman

Former CEO of Hewett-Packard, Carly Fiorina told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that is there is a higher than 90% probability that she will run for President.  Assuming that Fiorina announces her candidacy Hilary Clinton will no longer be the only woman running for President.

Fiorina recently criticized Clinton in a statement to Brietbart News:

Hillary Clinton has said it is not enough to be a woman…You have to be a woman who believes – and then she ticks off all the orthodoxy of the Democratic Party. She believes that ‘only if you’re a woman who sides with us do you count.

Hilary Clinton claims to be a feminist but she is the exact opposite of feminism. As Fiorina said “She believes that ‘only if you’re a woman who sides with us do you count.’” Well that is not feminism. Feminism is about choice. Hilary Clinton has made it quite clear that yes, you have a choice, but it better be the right choice, it better be the choice she says you can have! Hilary Clinton has given every indication that if you dare to have a different opinion from her, well then you must be a self-hating woman!

Katie Pavlich of Townhall has pointed out that feminism about getting ahead on your own, doing your own work. That is exactly what Carly Fiorina has done,   “The female Republican started as a secretary and worked her way up becoming the chief executive of HP,” reports Brietbart.

In her book Assault & Flattery Pavlich has dedicated the entirety of chapter seven to explaining how Hilary Clinton is the enemy of true feminism. She begins with the following: “She is America’s most famous enabler of abusive powerful men, and as a result, the great betrayer of everything Susan B. Anthony and every other women’s rights pioneer once stood for,” says Pavlich on page 127 of her book.

Hilary Clinton is a traitor to her own sex, why? For personal gain, political gain and power;  As Pavlich notes, “For most of her life she’s lived in a glass house (actually mansion) financed by her husband’s unethical conduct and shamelessness…Hilary Clinton allowed a young girl to be lied about, manipulated, and persecuted so that she and her loathsome husband could hold on to political power.”

It is appalling to look at Hilary Clinton’s track record or her treatment of women. If Hilary Clinton is elected president, yes, she will be the first woman president, but she will also be a woman who has a track record of betraying the women she claims to defend for personal and political gain. Is that really the legacy that we want of the first women President? Hilary Clinton is neither an accurate representation of feminism, nor is she the champion of women’s rights that she claims to be.

Women as a whole are better than Hilary Clinton who is a selfish individual who is willing to betray those she claims to defend for her own personal gain. She is by definition, a self-hating woman.

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