Senator John McCain Has a Few Thoughts on Cruz for President

Written by Julia Porterfield and Vanessa Salman.

A little over a week ago, Texas Senator Ted Cruz became the first to formally announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination for President in 2016. Although Senator Cruz has won over the vast majority of the far right, except us, it is no secret that he has made a few enemies within his own party. One of Cruz’s most frequent Republican critics is none other than former Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain.

Remember that one time when McCain got so mad at Senator’s Cruz, Rand, and Amash he called them, and I quote, “Wackobirds” on the Senate floor?


We know, we know. It’s ironic considering McCain selected the original wackobird, Sarah Palin, as his running mate in 2008.


Back to the matter at hand… There is literally *nothing* that makes McCain angier than Ted Cruz.

Except hecklers.


Hillary: Did you hear about Cruz running for President?

John: Don’t even get me started with this guy, Hil. I can’t even! Everyone knows there’s only one man who can save this country… and that’s me.


McCain is not afraid to speak his mind, and that’s a fact. The brazen Senator is so #SashaFierce, he accidentally slipped that he was running for president shortly after Cruz.


I mean, the man has run for President for the past 500 years, so why not give it another shot? Barry Hussein might party with Beyonce and Jay-Z, but if McCain becomes President, you get to party with… McCain. Partying hard since 1776.

This has not been paid for by John McCain for President 2016. Seriously.