Glenn Greenwald Joins the Glenn Beck Program to Discuss Snowden and the NSA

On Friday, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald joined the Glenn Beck Radio Program for an interview to discuss Edward Snowden, the NSA, and everything in-between. For those of you who aren’t up-to-speed on exactly who Greenwald is, he is the man who Edward Snowden anonymously contacted back in 2013 to talk about potentially blowing the whistle on egregious abuse of power that was taking place within the National Security Agency.

After initially contacting Greenwald, Snowden remained anonymous until Glenn and two of his fellow journalist with The Guardian flew to Hong Kong to meet this mystery whistleblower in person for the first time, and learn the details of the content he had. Greenwald and his team were blown away by the information that Snowden shared with them. It was now their job to go through every file, word by word, and explain it to the American people and the world.

Investigative Journalist Glenn Greenwald

Ever since Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden first made this information public back in the summer of 2013, Greenwald has been non-stop trying to make the most of the information Snowden bravely risked his life to expose. Greenwald released No Place to Hide in 2014 which is a thrilling and vastly informative book that discusses how Snowden found him, why he chose Greenwald, Greenwald’s journey to Hong Kong, and all that the journalist and former NSA contractor went through to shine light on the overreaching abuse of power that was going on at the NSA. Greenwald also joined forces with award winning documentary maker Laura Poitras to produce Citizenfour which followed their trip to Hong Kong to meet Snowden.

Although Greenwald and Glenn Beck agree on very little politically, they find common ground on their belief that what’s going on at the NSA is simply unacceptable. The interview on Beck’s national radio program focused on Greenwald’s journey for the past two years, and the information he is trying to bring to light.

Famed Hollywood director Oliver Stone is currently filming a movie about the now world famous whistleblower. Snowden which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zachary Quinto, Shailene Woodley, and more is set for a Christmas 2015 release.

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