Is Jeb Bush Trying to Lose?

It may seem like a silly question, but hear me out. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jeb Bush, who is definitely running for President, is desperately seeking new and innovative ways to lose.

Upon launching his exploratory committee in December, Bush asked John McCain for campaign advice. Let that sink in for a moment.

Apparently Jeb was especially curious about how to get the Republican nomination without pandering to the party’s conservative base,” which reinforces the man’s well-documented disdain for grassroots conservatives.

“It is the centrist that wins the nomination,” said McCain. He might have added “and angers the other 80% of Republicans, provoking many to not vote, leading to a landslide win for the Democrat.” But that was implied, I’m sure.

Next up is Jeb’s unabashed support for Common Core, which should go swimmingly with the 60 percent of American parents, (and 76 percent of Republicans), who oppose the top-down government approach to curriculum. Sen. Rand Paul has shown that he is going to hammer Bush mercilessly on this topic.

Bush’s stubborn support for amnesty is even more mind-boggling. Bush infamously called illegal immigration “an act of love”. In the age of radical Islamic terrorism, this is rightly seen by voters as a national security issue. Bush doesn’t seem to understand this, and recently showed how unserious he is when he said, “It’s not possible to completely control the border.”

Like a typical big-government hack, Bush also recently defended the NSA spying on Americans, supported the confirmation of the pro-illegal amnesty Loretta Lynch, and has refused to rule out new taxes. Perhaps he thought that a “no new taxes” pledge would sound too familiar. Oh, and he also put an anti-Israel foreign policy adviser on his team.

It’s these sort of head-scratching positions that make him virtually indistinguishable from Democrat contenders.

While the mainstream media continues to insist that Jeb Bush is the frontrunner, (even though the polls show this is a wide open race), Bush seems bent on losing in record time. A recent poll indicates that among his supporters, only 12 percent are “very enthusiastic” while most are “not enthusiastic.”

Simply put, Jeb Bush is not a serious candidate–at least not in a Republican field which boasts several superior, fresh-faced possibilities.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party seems to be having a problem coming up with alternatives to Hillary. Maybe Jeb could try his luck in their primary.

That is, of course, if he has any interest in actually winning.


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