6 Reasons Why Rand Paul is a Political Hipster

Political Hipster: Being Rand Paul


Hipster: a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.

image1. Social Media

Rand knows what he’s doing in the social media realm of things. He has 565k twitter followers, compared to Jeb’s 173K, Walker’s 114K, and Cruz’s 388K.

2. Digital Media

Hipsters understand the importance of design. Instagram pictures have to have the right filter and contrast. In this generation, whether its a photo, website or a tweet, design is very important. If you can’t maneuver around a website to find information, or if a tweet is overly dull, you probably won’t want to read it. Rand Paul’s digital media tactics have been simple yet beautiful. Like this:

3. His outfits

Part of being a hipster is starting new trends outside the cultural mainstream. Rand combines professional with everyday American by wearing blazers and blue jeans. Also, don’t forget those sunglasses.

image4. His views

As an arguably libertarian Republican, Rand’s views align with conservative principles, but also allow for a broader understanding of things. Overall, he has stances that follow the important principles, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

5. Millennials 

There are a few areas that the Republican party has lacked at reaching out to. Millennials are one of those demographics. But, Rand Paul has done very well with reaching out to millenials. At CPAC this past year, Rand Paul won the straw poll with nearly half off the CPAC attendees being millennials.

image6. Not the Average Republican

Usually, running for President consists of running for your own political party first. But wait, Rand is running as a Republican, but reaching out to everybody? Crazy! Right? Well, if you are just a normal person, then running for solely the interests of your own party is normal. But if you are a political hipster, you run on the beliefs of you and your party, but reach out to everyone.

Yep, Rand Paul is ahead of the game and making politics cool.

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