If You are Voting for Hillary, You Might Be Sexist

Are you now thinking, “Wait? I’m not sexist. It’s time for a woman to be president!” Listen, I have a million reasons why I am not voting for Hillary, but if the only reason I have for voting for say Scott Walker or Rand Paul is because they are a man, then you would call me sexist, right? But, just because a candidate I am in favor of is a man, does not mean that the reason I am voting for them is based on their gender.

If the only reason you are voting for Hillary Clinton for president is because she is, by definition of her body parts, a woman, then you are, by definition, a sexist. Listen, not all of you are sexists. Maybe I don’t agree on voting for someone to run our country who has the track record, or lack thereof, of Hillary Clinton.

However, you may have a reason to vote for her beside the fact that she has a vagina. If you are one of the people voting for her because she is a democrat that happens to be a woman, or because some other reason, then I am not talking to you.

Note: I am not calling the people who have reasons to vote for Hillary apart from Hillary’s gender, sexist. I will however talk to you later about your reasoning. I’d love to tap into your minds and find out what shenanigans are going around in there.

But anyways, back to the people who might actually be sexist: Just because you call yourself a feminist, that doesn’t make you not sexist. Being pro-women alone is not sexist. But, when your extremist pro-women mindset gets in the way of you even pondering for a moment about voting for a man, that’s when it gets sexist.

Recently, Campus Reform put out a wonderful video where someone asked people if they were ready for Hillary, and why. Their reasons for supporting her were like a broken record: ‘Because she’s a woman.’ I personally am not against a woman being president. In fact, there are female candidates I would even consider voting for, such as Carly Fiorina.

You might be about to say, “I don’t know who this Carly chick is, but Hillary has already made wonderful strides for women.” Well, I don’t actually know what strides you are talking about considering things like her accepting money for the Clinton Foundation from countries where women are treated grotesquely, or her continuously lying to the country about the “77 cent” myth which then lets women think that they are the victims of this awful, untrue statistic instead of working diligently for a position they deserve. By ‘position they deserve’ I mean achieving their goals through track record, experience, merit, ect, not the qualification of having a vajayjay. (Cough cough, vajayjay, cough cough, basically the only thing Hillary is running on).

But let’s get back to this Carly Fiorina kid who might run for president. Did you know that she was a CEO for Hewlett-Packard? In fact, she was the first woman to take control of a Fortune 100 company. If you actually want a woman president because you want them to pave the way to better equality, don’t you want someone who has proven that she can do anything, despite her gender, instead of someone like Hillary who lets women be the victim and wallow in their 77 cent victimness sorrows? Personally, I’d prefer someone who has actually already made giant strides for women.

Or wait, what if we say, vote not based on gender, but based on track record? Or what if we voted based on merit, or stances, or experience? What if the best candidate happens to be a man? What if there is a candidate who has made strides to help women and men equally? Or just an intelligent, experienced, accomplished, human being that has proven they can and will continue to make a positive difference in this world, not just for women, not just for men, but for all of America? Well, wouldn’t that be the day.

In conclusion: If you vote for Hillary solely because she has a vagina, then you are sexist. And, if you are a self-proclaimed feminist who is voting for Hillary solely because she has a vagina, which would make you sexist, then how can you truly be fighting for gender equality if you are also sexist?

For those of you who acknowledge that Hillary is a woman, but are voting for her for other reasons, good job on not being a sexist. But, you still might want to do some research on her record and on the records of other candidates.

For those not voting for Hillary: Congratulations on going against the mainstream media and understanding at least something important in life. If you like it or not, being president has to do with protecting the United States of America, not the gender of the person vowing to protect it. So, let’s try to vote that way.