Road to the State House: Yvonne Dean-Bailey

Yvonne Dean-Bailey is not your average 19-year-old. As Red Millennial has previously reported, she is running for State Representative of New Hampshire’s 32nd district. Dean-Bailey proved victorious in the GOP primary, but the May 19 special election is just around the corner. The young conservative took time from the campaign trail to speak to RM’s Vanessa Salman about everything from being a teenage candidate to her plans for the “Live Free or Die” state if she wins the position.

Vanessa Salman: Before we begin, I would like to congratulate you on your victory! Your achievement is definitely inspiring to many young leaders out there, like myself.

Going off of that, what’s the first thing you did when the results were announced? How did you feel?

Yvonne Dean-Bailey: I was thrilled! I ended up getting 89% of the vote which is great momentum heading into the general. That night I had a small pizza party with my friends, volunteers and local community members to thank them for their hard work getting me past the primary.

VS: That’s fantastic!! What motivated you to run in the first place?

YDB: I decided to run for a couple reasons–I absolutely love my district. I’ve lived here for about fifteen years and I love the community and I love the area. I also believe we need more young people in the political sphere. Political apathy from our generation has gotten us nowhere. We need to take an active role in our future.

VS: I agree, our generation is so politically apathetic! How have you balanced being a candidate for local government and a regular 19 year old?

YDB: I have to admit, I run on a pretty tight schedule. I’m always very busy but I certainly enjoy it. It’s been a blast and absolutely worth it.

VS: That’s very uplifting to hear. You are defying many stereotypes by running for office: a conservative, young, female. Do you have any advice for your conservative young female counterparts that are eager to run for office?

YDB: Yes! You just have to do it. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do–there’s a lot of stigma behind being a young conservative woman. But if you’re passionate about what you believe in and you’re passionate about helping your community then the best thing you can do is run for office or help someone run for office. It’s the best way to initiate the change you would like to see in your own community.

VS: I love that! You’ve said that you want to work on education in the state of New Hampshire. What are some ideas you have to make NH schools the best they can possibly be?

YDB: I believe the first way to ensure New Hampshire has the best possible schools is to put our state legislators, our local legislators, our parents and our teachers back in control of the New Hampshire education system. This can begin by eliminating Common Core or it can be by ensuring municipal liberties in education. Another way to do this is by ensuring school choice and ensuring that every student has equal opportunity to attend a school that works the best for them and their needs.

VS: Now that you’ve won the primary, you’re off to the special election in May. What are you going to do differently than your opponents to get out the vote?

YDB: Well–I actually live in a pretty conservative district so I am just going to try and push the date out as much as possible. I’m talking to as many people as possible via phones, doors, ect. Hopefully on May 19th I will have enough support to come out on top.

VS: Last question! You’ve been on the campaign trail for quite some time now. What has been the most memorable moment in your journey so far?

YDB: I would have to say it was getting the first Democrat to vote for me. I explained to her my prior experience, the need for a young voice up in the State House, my desire to listen to my constituents and she was sold.

VS: Wow that’s incredible! I want to thank you so much for your time, I’m sure you’re very busy. I wish you the best of luck in the general election! You are representing young conservatives well!

YDB: Thanks Vanessa! I really appreciate it!

Yvonne Dean-Bailey is the Republican candidate for New Hampshire State Representative in the 32nd district, which includes Northwood, Deerfield, Nottingham, and Candia. To learn more about the candidate, visit her website and donate.