Seattle High School Students Walk out of Common Core Test

Common Core has been causing a lot of controversy nationwide on both sides of the aisle. A few days ago, Nathan Hale High School held their annual SBAC test. SBCA stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and is a part of the infamous national education standard known as Common Core.

Parents in several states have opted out of this testing and some have even opted to home school their children. However, a much bigger statement was made at Nathan Hale High School. On testing day, the 11th grade testing room was completely empty. Not a single student showed up for the test. In a massive show of defiance against the government run Common Core Education Standard, the parents of every single 11th grader opted their children out of the test.

The Washington State superintendent Randy Dorn responded by stating that the parents made a huge mistake by opting out of the test. He claimed that the decision to opt out of Common Core testing affects more than just the students. He made the claim that it affects the entire state. According to Mr. Dorn, if their schools don’t have at least a 95 percent participation for the exam, then funding might be cut to those schools and even label Washington State a high risk state.

Looks like Washington is feeling the defeat in the Common Core arena. They shouldn’t have imposed this liberal indoctrination program if they wanted to keep their funding for education. This kind of thing is happening all over the country.

What is more appalling is that earlier this years, a group of teachers at the same high school passed a resolution against Common Core. The superintendent responded by threatening to fire them or take away their teaching licenses.

This is how the Federal Government works. If you don’t like something, too bad, you have to do it, it’s the law. Common Core completely removes choice and also removes parents from making decisions regarding their child’s education. Expect to see more stories like this in the future.

Teaching students in a manner just so that they will do well on a test teaches the students nothing. Maybe if funding is cut to enough states, those in power will realize that the American people will no longer stand for their failed policies. The government needs to keep their hands out of our children’s education.