Sheryl Sandberg Supports Hilary Clinton for President

Sheryl Sandberg COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Facebook and author of the book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead recently told Bloomberg, that she supports Hilary Clinton for President.

Bloomberg Politics reports:

With a laugh, speaking to Bloomberg Television’s Emily Chang at a Virgin Disruptors Event Thursday in San Francisco, Sandberg said, ‘I think politicians are the people that endorse. But,’ she continued, ‘I am very supportive of Hillary Clinton. I’ve said before I’d like to see her as president. And I’d like to see more women presidents all over the world’

As a result of her book she has been hailed as a bellwether for feminists. Some of her critics says she focuses too much on teaching strategies that women can implement to get ahead in the corporate world without paying sufficient focus to “acknowledging sexism throughout society”. In the past, through her book and other means, Sandberg has argued for women representatives on all levels “in creating a more equitable society”.

Bloomberg also reported that Sandberg contributed to the U.S. Senate campaign of California AG Kamala Harris.

It is interesting to note that Sandberg worked for President Bill Clinton as chief of staff to Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers. Tempting as it is, I am not going to put on my tin foil hat at this point, however I won’t stop you from doing so.

Sadly, because Sandberg is a successful business woman and someone of a celebrity many will probably see Sandberg’s endorsement of Clinton and think “Oh well, if Sandberg endorses her then she must be good!”

Last year I wrote a piece entitled “The Problem With Celebrity Worship”. The essence of this piece is that just because your favorite celebrity says something does not make it true. They are sinful humans just life you and me. Romans 3:23 tells us:

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

All, even COOs, CEO and celebrities.

Sandberg is not the only one who has come out in endorsement of Hilary Clinton. Speaking of celebrities, last week our founder and editor-in-chief, Julia Porterfield wrote and excellent article on Olivia Wilde’s support of Hilary Clinton.

So here’s the problem with taking anyone’s support of anyone at face value: it’s their opinion! In addition, most people don’t know what they’re talking about, especially celebrities. However, I would say that as a business woman Sandberg probably has a lot more knowledge on the subject than Wilde does.

But neither one of them are experts, they’re not politicians, journalists or political analysts. Sandberg and Wilde have the right to publicly endorse Clinton, no matter how dumb it is. I fully support their right to endorse their candidate of choice even if that is not my chosen candidate.

My point is don’t follow blindly, do your own research and make your own decision. In this case especially, as Wilde and Sandberg are likely largely endorsing Clinton because she is a woman, and because it is the politically correct thing to do. I don’t care if Sandberg endorses Hilary Clinton, or Rand Paul (my #1 pick)! Don’t follow blindly, just because Sandberg, or Wilde, or fill in the blank endorses that candidate. God gave you a brain for a reason, research, pray and make your own decision.