Republicans Can Do Better than Big Government Huckabee

Mike Huckabee claims to be a limited government conservative, but his record as Governor of Arkansas paints a different picture.

Tax Addict: He raised several taxes, including the gas tax, sales tax, and even a tax on beds in nursing homes, for a total of about $500 million in tax increases. The average Arkansan saw their tax burden increase by 47 percent, a larger increase than when Bill Clinton was governor.

Incentivizing Illegal Immigration: He supported scholarships for illegal immigrants, a stance that he still defends.

Rotten Core: Huckabee was an ardent supporter of Common Core before he flip-flopped.

Forgiving Felons: Huckabee also pardoned hundreds of convicted felons, and one of those men went on to kill four police offers.

Crony Capitalist: Huckabee has been a proponent of government subsidies.

Huck-splaining: And my all-time favorite is when a video emerged of him asking the Arkansas legislature for several tax increases and he then lied about the reason on national television.

In order to win in 2016, Republicans must nominate an inspiring figure who will not only capture the excitement of the conservative base, but will also grow the party while appealing to independents and conservative Democrats.

Simply put, Republicans have plenty of fresh-faced alternatives who have better ideas and superior records to Mike Huckabee.


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