Carly Fiorinia Shows Hillary Clinton How to Run a Transparent Presidential Campaign

Like our current President, Hillary Clinton has made one of her chief campaign promises a transparent campaign that’s all about the people. Although many of us on the Right immediately laughed and scoffed given Mrs. Clinton’s anything but transparent history, we gave her a chance. Let’s take a look at exactly how open and transparent Hillary Clinton has been since announcing her Presidential last month.

Thanks to the Washington Post, we now have a clock that “counts the minutes since Hillary Clinton answered a press question.” Right now, it has been over 30,000 minutes, or since April 21, 2015. For someone who’s running for President, three weeks is a lifetime to not talk with the press.

In her first week alone on the campaign trail, Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorinia answered 322 questions on record according to her staff. In the one month that Hillary Clinton has been running, she has answered a grand total of 8 press questions. To every 1 question Clinton has answered, Fiorinia has answered 40. The comparison is uncanny.

Although Mrs. Clinton has name recognition and a lot of great titles on her side, it’s unquestionable that she need to reach new, younger demographics and to remain a relevant candidate to successfully win the Democrat nomination in 2016. I’m not sure what her media strategy is, but I’m pretty sure you need to actually talk to the media to have one.

For now, Republicans and even Democrats can remain laughing at her failed attempts at transparency and continue to watch Fiorinia soar.


2 thoughts on “Carly Fiorinia Shows Hillary Clinton How to Run a Transparent Presidential Campaign

  1. Why talk to the press when all they do is misquote and take things out of context? Hillary Rodham Clinton is reaching the young voters using their media. The internet.


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