Hillary to Announce Her Candidacy… Again

I guess if you are Hillary Clinton, then you can do whatever you want. Did you use your private email for work related to the security of our nation? Just delete ’em! Do you have a couple of scandals up your sleeve that clash the interests of your personal foundation with your job as Secretary of State? No biggie, just ignore it. Did you announce that you were running for President, but then get so much backlash that you ignored practically every question from the media for a month or so? That’s okay, just try it again!

Hillary Clinton has been using the “I don’t actually care about you, because I’m better than you anyways” model for quite sometime now, but I think she has hit a new level. On Thursday the “champion for the middle class” announced that her official campaign announcement speech will be on June 13.

Did she forget that she already released a YouTube video of her saying “I’m running for President”? Or do words that come out of her mouth literally not mean anything to her? I’m not exactly sure what the case is, but all I know is it reveals a lot about someone when she has to re-announce her candidacy only two months after her original announcement.

Maybe she’ll learn from what was ineffective the first time and change it. She could answer questions from reporters. Or maybe she’ll kick off with a new logo–one that doesn’t resemble a hospital sign. Or maybe she’ll even remember that if anyone were to run to be a champion for the middle class, they probably should actually have plans to help the middle class.

Who am I kidding? She’s Hillary. The only change she’ll implement is the type of change that will make her better off, but is misconstrued to make the public think that she’s actually helping them.

So get ready, world. The one and only Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for president, for the second time this year!



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