Is Hillary Clinton for Sale?

Several weeks ago, during an episode of Road to the White House discussing Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, Red Millennial’s assistant editor Garrett Humbertson, asked the question “Is Hillary Clinton for sale?”

Humbertson brought up a scandal which occurred during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Clinton was against a Columbian trade deal, until a Columbian oil tycoon donated about $130 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

This is just one instance which proves that Clinton is for sale. Another example is her accepting donations from countries which oppress women. This not only proves that she is for sale, but also that she is a hypocrite on women’s rights, of which she claims to be a champion.

This could be detrimental to her campaign, because she doesn’t seem to have much of a platform other than, “Vote for me, because I’m a woman.” Well if I were going to vote for you, simply because you are a woman, I would not vote for a woman who does things that are detrimental and traitorous to the welfare of her own sex for women.

The week after Hillary announced her candidacy, Michael Warren of The Weekly Standard wrote,

A prominent Pakistani-born women’s rights activist is asking presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton, to pledge not to accept donations from foreign nations that oppress women. Raheel Raza, the Canadian journalist behind the documentary film Honor Diaries, is requesting all the presidential candidates, from both parties and both “men and women,” to sign her pledge.

This week, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President,” said Raza in a statement.  ‘As a woman, I congratulate her, but as a women’s rights advocate, I’m concerned about the $13,000,000-$40,000,000 the Clinton Foundation reportedly took from regimes that persecute women, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the UAE.’

The new book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer is reportedly filled with examples of how foreign businessmen and governments made large donations to the Clinton’s in hopes of having their own interests advanced (as reviewed by HarperCollins books).

Before the book was released, the left-leaning media was accusing it of not furnishing sufficient evidence. While I have not read the book myself, according to my research the book is extremely well-researched and sourced. Readers have found it very easy to follow the citations if they so desired. The book is in its third week and is #3 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Clinton has proven that she would betray even her own sex for money, of whom she claims to be a champion for. These examples prove not only her hypocrisy, but that she is indeed for sale.


One thought on “Is Hillary Clinton for Sale?

  1. I just finished “Clinton Cash” last night and in a just world there is no way that the Clinton’s should have any power more likely they should both be in jail.

    George Stephanopoulos deserves all the criticism that it has received because if you based your opinion on that you would think that the book is full of accusations, etc.

    In fact the book just lays out the cold hard facts, no innuendos, no anonymous sources for people to make their own conclusions. I would say that what Bill did with all the Haiti relief money would be the worst but since it was the last chapter I don’t know.


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