You Can Murder A Baby

Picture this: a baby is 23 weeks old. She is still weeks away from being old enough to be in the third trimester. The child is ill, but has constant care surrounding her. No one is allowed to kill her, because that would be considered murder.

Now picture another baby girl. She is 23 weeks old and is still weeks away from being in the third trimester. But it’s okay to end her life. She isn’t as important as the first baby, because while being alive for the same amount of time, the second baby is still inside of her mother’s womb, while the first baby is outside of her mother’s womb.

Why should we make the distinction of the morality of killing an innocent child, just because of their current location? Is it right to deem one child more valuable than another simply because they are outside of their mother?

If your answer is that the child in the womb is still dependent on it’s mother, then I must ask you the following: When a baby is born, can it not be immediately cast aside to live on it’s own? Would the child not die, even outside of the womb, if it did not have the care of another human? A baby is dependent on someone else both inside and outside of the womb.

No child is more valuable than another, and I don’t think it’s our job to say that one is. There are awful circumstances a child might be born out of or born into, but that does not make the child any less of a miraculous creation of God’s handiwork. It is not the job of a person to decide whether an innocent being who has not even had the chance to breathe air should live or die.

In a similar way, some people are less developed than others. A four year old girl is less physically developed than a 14 year old girl. Does that make the four year old less of a human? No. Why should a child who is continuing to develop in the womb be considered less of a human being than one that has had more time to develop? When it comes to the fact that a baby is a baby, I believe there should not be a distinction between a child who has been alive for weeks and a child who has been alive for months.

Under certain conditions, it is legal in every state to murder a baby at some point in the child’s life, if that life is still in the womb. The laws are stricter in some states than others. In eight states and D.C., there are no bans on abortion. Abortion is legal. Just because a person legally has the right to make a choice to do something, doesn’t mean that the choice is a healthy or a good one. Babies are human. All lives matter. You can murder a baby, but you shouldn’t.