Hillary Clinton isn’t the Box Office Hit Most Expected Her to Be

Am I the only person who feels like Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is this summers highly anticipated blockbuster hit that is expected to be #1 in the box office for weeks, but once it finally debuts, it flops? In 2008, Hillary was the nominee until little known one-term Illinois Senator Barack Obama came out of no where and stole it away from her. This time around, Hillary isn’t going let that happen again.

After standing in the shadow of her husband during his tenure as Arkansas’ Governor and President of the United States, it’s time for Hillary to have her fair share of the spotlight. When the Clinton’s left the White House, Hillary descended upon Congress as a Senator from New York. After failing to secure the White House for herself in 2008, she served as President Obama’s Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Following her two year hiatus from public life, Hillary is back and ready to assume the thrown.

Since she is now a candidate for the Democratic nomination, Hillary can no longer accept those outrageously expensive speaking fees that have funded her advantageous lifestyle for the past several years. Also, she can’t syphon those sketchy foreign donations from the Clinton Foundation into her campaign fund, so Hillary has to start getting in big gun donors now so that she can meet her $2 billion campaign goal.

Imagine spending $2,700 for a one hour lunch with Hillary Clinton and a crowd of fellow Clinton-loving supporters. That’s how much Clinton’s campaign is charging for people to come to a one hour campaign event where they get a picture with Hillary and listen to a 30-minute stump speech from the woman herself before she jets off for another fundraiser.

On Monday, Hillary held a fundraiser in New York with around 100 supporters all of whom paid $2,700 for a ticket to the event. The event was originally planned to be “women only,” but when only 50 tickets had been sold ($135,000 raised) just days before the event was scheduled to take place, the campaign made the decision last minute to open the event to men as well in an attempt to sell more tickets.

I’m not sure if it’s my inner broke-college-student-interning-in-Washington speaking or just the average American in me, but dropping $2,700 for a mediocre event sounds seriously disappointing to me. Even if I was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, I would want bang for my buck. If I’m going to drop the amount of money the average American makes in an entire month for a one hour event, it better be a kick-ass event.

Clearly, Hillary Clinton supporters feel the same. Last Friday, Clinton’s campaign had only sold 50 tickets to this event that insiders say they were hoping to have at least 125 people attend. While the $135,000 raised from those 50 people is still a pretty large sum considering the shortness of the event, it’s rather interesting that Clinton wasn’t able to garner more interest in attending the even especially in such a liberal state, one that Clinton has called home for years and even represented while serving in the U.S. Senate.

While no one should underestimate Clinton’s fundraising abilities– she has many allies who would be able to donate much more than $2,700 the moment Hillary asks– I think this is a very interesting problem for HRC to be facing at this stage of her campaign. As the only female from her party to have entered the race, Hillary often banks on the fact that people will back her campaign merely because of the fact that she is, indeed, a woman. For the women of New York, that bank obviously isn’t open yet.


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