Drake Bell and the Ignorant Left

Now, this is a story all about how the First Amendment got twisted upside down. And I’d like to take a minute so sit right there and I’ll tell you how we should support Drake Bell.

In America you are allowed to say whatever you want. You can say that killing babies isn’t murder, it’s a choice. You can say that all Republican candidates are homophobes, because they believe that traditional marriage is the true definition of marriage. You can say that peanut butter and jelly is racist, or that all men are sexist. You can say whatever you want, and it isn’t deemed offensive–unless of course what is being said doesn’t align with the views of the mainstream media.

After Bruce Jenner was revealed on the cover of a magazine, pictured as a transgender woman, he asked to be called “Caitlyn.” Drake Bell responded. Drake didn’t say, “Well, that’s stupid,” or Transgender people are awful,” or anything derogatory. All he said was, “Sorry…Still calling you Bruce.”

So let’s get this straight. Lena Dunham can write an entire quiz relating a Jewish man to a dog and gets minuscule ridicule, but Drake Bell decides to continue to call a person by the name they’ve been going by for 60-plus years, and he’s called transphobic. Yep, that’s cool.

You see, we have this thing called the First Amendment. It’s basically a thing that says we have freedom of speech. You’re allowed to say that you are going to call Bruce Jenner, “Caitlyn,” and you’re allowed to say you’re going to call Bruce Jenner, “Bruce”.

Dearest Lefties,

While I love your enthusiasm about not offending anyone, you’re always going to offend someone. Calling someone transphobic just because your views don’t align with theirs is actually still offensive. Being a bully to people who are using their freedom of speech–while still your freedom of speech–is a little counterproductive. You have your views. That’s cool. I have my views. We can debate all we want. You might end up agreeing with me at the end. But calling people names is not going to get anyone anywhere. We all have our beliefs. We all have the right to express our beliefs. So next time, try not to get all up in arms when someone’s beliefs offend your own views. You can, it’s your freedom of speech. But just remember, it’s theirs too.


Your Politically Incorrect Friend