From Limb to Limb

Right now, somewhere in America, there is a baby being torn limb from limb. They feel the pain of their legs being detached from their body. They feel the pain of having their skull being crushed. But even so, the person who is severing the limbs of the unborn baby will not be charged with murder, or even child abuse.

The visual depiction is intense, but that is what is real. It is happening, and it will continue to unless action is taken. There is action that you can take.

Today, Senator Graham held a press conference about the Pain Capable Abortion Act, an act that recently passed the House, and is planned to be put to a vote in the Senate sometime soon. This bill takes note that children can indeed feel pain at 20 weeks and therefore should not be murdered. In fact, before the 20 week mark is even hit, when doctors perform operations on babies still in the womb, they give the babies anesthesia. Why would a doctor numb a baby before an operation if they can’t feel pain yet? Why are there only 7 countries who allow abortion after 20 weeks? By allowing abortion after 20 weeks, we, the country of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are grouped in the same category as China and North Korea, and we need to stop.

At the press conference, Sen. Graham prompted the following: “So here’s the choice for America… If a doctor is required to provide anesthesia to the child to help save his life because they feel pain in the process of being operated on, is it okay for society to say, “Well at that stage of the pregnancy we don’t want that operation to be an abortion.” I believe that most Americans will say yes.” “We are saying that there is a compelling state interest to protect a child who can feel pain,” Sen. Graham later remarked. And I think there is one too.

Now here is what you can do to stop abortions after 20 weeks:

Find your Senators. Call your Senators. Tell them why it is important for them to vote for the Pain Capable Abortion Act. Once you are done calling your Senators, call another one. Tell your friends to call their Senators, and tell your friends to tell their friends.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

~Dr. Suess