Inside the Fight for a Convention of States

Our friends at OUTSET Magazine have a great update on the movement to call an Article V convention, including several interviews with leaders at Convention of States Project and how the organizations is attracting millennials to the cause.

Red Millennial has endorsed Convention of States Project as the constitutional solution to a runaway federal government. COS Project was co-founded by Michael Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry College, and Mark Meckler of Tea Party Patriots.

OUTSET reports:

The Project is working through state legislators in a revolutionary way to call for an Article V convention with the purpose of limiting the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government.

While there are many ideas for specific amendments, most agree to three things they would like to see the convention pass: a balanced budget amendment, term limits for Federal offices (including federal judges), and limits to the government’s power and jurisdiction.

“What’s missing in our Republic today is the idea that we are sovereign citizens,” Meckler said. “There is no one going to Washington, D.C. who wants to take power away from the federal government and give it back to the people.”

Despite starting just two years ago, COS Project’s grassroots organization is already far-and-away the best in the history of Article V efforts with over 100,000 volunteers nationwide in 97 percent of legislative districts nationwide.

That level of organization is what sets the Convention of States Project apart from other conservative advocacy groups. According to Meckler, each state has a state director who works with a legislative team and a small army of volunteers.

“Our state directors work with our Legislative Liaison, who is in the state capitol, and is essentially a citizen lobbyists. We also have a Coalition Director working with other groups in the state. And the State Director is responsible for building the grassroots infrastructure in the state,” Meckler said.

They are already seeing the fruits of their labor. The COS Project resolution has been introduced in 36 states, ratified in four states (Georgia, Alaska, Florida, and Alabama), and passed through one chamber in 10 other states, including Texas.

OUTSET spoke to Tamara Colbert, who is the state director for COS Project in Texas.

According to Colbert, Texas alone has over 18,500 volunteers.

If you ask one of those state directors about their strategy, they’ll tell you they are doing things in a new way.

“What we are doing is Grassroots 3.0,” Colbert said. “The days of protesting and showing up at the capitol are over. Now it’s about organizing and getting things accomplished on the local level.”

In addition to superb organization, the project has also received a series of endorsements from high-profile conservatives.

The movement is also attracting young people who are hungry for solutions that restore liberty and fiscal sanity to America.

Michael Cicerone, 26, is a Texas volunteer and a staff member for a Texas State Senator. He first heard about the project on Mark Levin’s show. But it wasn’t until he encountered Convention of States advocates at his job in the Texas Senate that he became involved.

“I was excited because I knew that I may be able to help them out,” he said. “I knew my boss supported the idea of an Article V convention, and while I had to be careful to balance my personal interests in the project with my job as a staff member, I did what I could to help them with the legislative process.”

Laura Fennig, 25, is a Regional Legislative Director who originally heard about the project in 2013, right as Farris and Meckler were starting the organization. Upon graduating that year, she got involved as the initial Grassroots Director. When speaking about why millennials should support a Convention of States, she noted how their personality matches the purpose of the project.

“I think our generation agrees with the idea of a convention of the states because our generation has grown up with an ‘I can do it myself’ attitude, and this project fits into that,” she said.

Fennig encourages young people like her to get involved in the project by visiting their website, becoming a volunteer, signing up to be a leader, talking to legislators, and even applying to become an intern at the project.

“Sometimes we dismiss ourselves because of our age, but age should not be an excuse for doing what you know is right,” she said.

“Millennials have the opportunity to re-found the nation and go back to those original values where they can once again freely aspire to do anything they want,” Mark Meckler said.

Get the full scoop at OUTSET Magazine.

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