Go Away, Donald

After threatening to run for President for practically the entirety of his life, Donald Trump has finally done it. He’s announced.

When his daughter declared her dad’s name to introduce him to the crowd, there was a painfully awkward wait. After a long, silent pause, we finally saw Trump come out by the top of an escalator.

Yes, Donald entered the podium by making the crowd wait even longer as he took a slow ride down an escalator. After the snail move of an entrance, Trump rambled on about he was the greatest thing to ever exist.

He said that China is killing us, Mexico is laughing at us, and all of the Republican candidates are stupid because they weren’t sure if Trump was still crying wolf about running. Well, that’s a great patriotic tactic to jump into a race to be the leader of the free world: bash America and the people who you might be working alongside if you become President.

Obviously I have no strong opinions about the fake Republican with enough money to make his entrance via an escalator, but not enough money to fix his hair, who probably by his standards, is already President. Nope, no strong feelings at all.

Question: If he does become President, how many times will he fire his VP? If the Vice gives Donald a cup of coffee without the proper amount of sugar and cream, will he turn to him, point is finger, and say “You’re fired!”? I mean his show (which is one of my favorites by the way) is premised not only on charity, but also on placing the blame on others, not to solve problems, but to abolish a person’s presence.

Anyways, I’m excited to see him stay in the race, fight for some sort of something, and most importantly, watch the SNL sketches.